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About California Table Tennis
The California Table Tennis Club is a place for all table tennis lovers to get together and play games with each other. It was founded in 2012 by Gun Jao (former world number 1, Olympic medalist and USATT Hall of Famer) to develop and nurture young talents throughout the country and provide the best table tennis facility to all.

The facility has the best Butterfly tables, professional rubber flooring, relaxing Space, high ceiling, lighting, a pro shop with all gears, including paddles, rubbers, balls, table tennis shoes, and other general table tennis equipment.

The California tennis club provides training/coaching classes for all ages and skill levels. It also offers affordable membership plans with added benefits. It also organizes in-house Round Robin and Rumble Tournaments for players.

The best instructors in Los Angeles can be found at California Table Tennis. A coaching staff led by Gun Jao, a legendary player and owner, as well as Cherry Zhao, Tang Liying, and Udaya Ranasinghe. Cherry Zhao, a Shanghai graduate who has won numerous titles in her home country, also serves as the head coach for Olympian Erica Wu. Tang Liying has previously won in the L.A. Open and the Berkeley Open.

Located in the heart of San Gabriel Valley, just minutes from Pasadena, Temple City, Arcadia and El Monte, The California Table Tennis is also the training facility for notable players like Olympic gold medalist Erica Wu, world junior champion Grace Yang, US national team member Rachel Yang and the current U.S. under 11 champion Tashiya Piyadasa.

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2727 Stingle Ave #10
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Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm
Saturday - Sunday 9am - 6pm