Ping Pong Guides: Tips & Tricks to Up Your Game

Want to become an expert in table tennis?

We’ve collected all of our tips, tricks and techniques in ping pong to make you the best table tennis player possible. Each guide has been carefully researched and crafted to give you the most value for your read.

Ping pong is a fast-paced sport, and it’s only through careful repetition and focus that we can increase our skill.

Check out some of the guides below to up your game!

How to Play: Rules and Regulations

how to play ping pong

Beginner or need a refresher? Learn how to play ping pong the right way.

Ping Pong Rules: Official and House Regulations

What are the official rules of table tennis? Find out the basics.

How to hold a ping pong paddle - Featured

What’s the best way to hold a ping pong paddle? Find out the types of grips used.

Beer Pong Rules - Featured

Find out how to play beer pong – plus all the variations of the game!

how to practice ping pong alone featured

How do you practice table tennis when you don’t have a partner?

DIY and Equipment Basics

Using Ping Pong Table Dimensions: What They Mean and What to Do with Them

What is the official size of a table tennis table?

How to clean a ping pong paddle - Featured

Keep your spin strong through this guide to cleaning!

How to replace table tennis rubber - Featured

Get the step-by-step guide to replacing your rubber on your blade.