Chi-Slam Tennis Club


About Chi-Slam Tennis Club
The Chi-Slam Tennis Club is a sports club that offers ping pong players an awesome gaming environment. More so, the Chi-Slam Tennis Club has been around for 2 decades, in 2001 precisely. Interestingly, renowned ping pong player Ardy Taveerasert is the head coach and director of Chi-Slam Tennis Club.

Notably, Ardy has been coaching for years, and two of his students that made it to the international ping pong stage are Jennifer Connelly and Vince Vaughn.

At Chi-Slam Tennis Club, you can play with a robot or book a table for a group of friends to engage in a table tennis competition. Furthermore, Chi-Slam Tennis Club charges hourly for their services.

Meanwhile, you can call Chi-Slam Tennis Club to book a reservation via phone or email.

What’s more, some of the services offered by Chi-Slam Tennis Club are:

Table Rental: You can rent a table for an hourly fee. Also, ping pong robot tables are available too for rentals.
Open Play: If you are a member of the USATT, you will receive some discount playing at Chi-Slam Tennis Club.
Lessons: Like every service at Chi-Slam Tennis Club, the price for lessons also differs. Children are charged at a discounted rate.
League: You can also join the Chi-Slam Tennis Club.

Meanwhile, Chi-Slam Tennis Club is open from Monday to Saturday including on Sundays.

Chi-Slam Tennis Club is based in Chicago. The Chi-Slam Tennis Club is located at 2412 W. North Ave, Chicago. Also, this tennis club is located in a conducive environment.

(312) 287-9852
Street Address
2412 W. North Ave
ZIP Code
Monday - Saturday 12:00pm - 10:00pm
Sunday 11:00am - 05:00pm