Experior Tennis Club – Orland Square


About Experior Tennis Club - Orland Square
Experior table tennis club is a top-rated club with ultra-modern equipment. It is the first club to be sponsored by Butterfly in Chicago. Furthermore, Experior Table Tennis Club was founded in 2016. Also, Arcot Naresh is the president of the club. It is the home to all tennis games. The club is open throughout the week for its members but no members would have to put in a call before they come in.

Experior also has private classes for learners. Payments are made either monthly or 3 months or by 6 months. The amount to be paid is dependent on the category you fall into. There are 4 categories of people allowed in Experior.

Children: Below 10 years
Youngster: From 10-15 years
Family: This is for just the nuclear family
Senior: Above 60 years
The training section is from Monday – Friday at Experior Table Tennis Club. You do not need to bring in your paddles as Experior will provide as many as you need during your training sections.

All trainees have access to training with much leisure and a robot. At Experior Table Tennis Club, there is always a tutor available for each training section.

Facilities available at the Experior club are:

Spacious rooms
Seats for spectators and players
Heaters and air conditioners
An illuminating Court
A non slippery 5000 square feet space
There is the provision of robots for play
There are cameras with very high resolution for streaming.

(847) 932-9830
Street Address
10 Orland Square Dr.
ZIP Code
Monday - Sundau 9am - 10pm (for members)
Non members - call (847) 932-9830