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About Experior Tennis Club - West 63rd Street
The Experior Tennis Club is a sports club that offers tennis players an amazing gaming experience. They accommodate both beginners and expert players. More so, the

Experior tennis club has been in existence for years. It is managed by Mohamad R, Alzein, and sponsored by Butterfly. Not to mention, Experior Tennis Club was established in 2016.

At Experior tennis club, top-notch training classes are set up for youngsters and children to improve their skills. Non-members and members are given the same treatment.

Furthermore, the Experior tennis club charges monthly for training children, youngsters, and non-members. All monthly plans include; unlimited playtime and training with a robot, or you can book a table for your friends to engage in a tennis competition. However, Experior offers seasonal discounts too.

Experior Tennis Club, features include:

A Butterfly Centerfold table and a robot for personal training
Eight new Butterfly Centerfold tables
High-resolution cameras to watch the game
A 1000 Lux light that illuminates the courtroom
Exclusive Butterfly products for players; gaming accessories, shoes, clothes, paddles, and robbers
Air conditioners and Heaters
Seats for commentators and restroom/dressing room

Meanwhile, the Experior tennis club functions every day from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. To book a reservation (for new & old members) call or email. It is located at 111 S. Lombard Rd. Unit 8 in Addison IL, Chicago. Experior Tennis Club is the first table tennis club to emerge in Chicago, United States.

(847) 932-9830
Street Address
5907 W. 63rd St.
ZIP Code
Monday - Sundau 9am - 10pm (for members)
Non members - call (847) 932-9830