Killerspin House


About Killerspin House
Killerspin House is a sports club that launched in the summer of 2013. Furthermore, Killerspin House was the idea of Robert Blackwell Jr. The aim of setting up Killerspin House was to create more awareness of ping pong and give players a platform to enjoy the game.

The idea of Killerspin House popped up after a ping pong event Robert Blackwell Jr. hosted in 2001. He hosted a Ping Pong Festival and lots of people lined up to play. That was when Robert realized that the game was a way to bring the community together and have fun.

Since Killerspin House started, they have also expanded to manufacturing ping pong tables and other equipment. Killerspin House has branded table tennis tables, paddles, and other accessories. To buy a Killerspin House product, you can purchase directly from their website. Tap the “shop” tab on the homepage of Killerspin House to choose the items you want to buy.

Mainly, Killerspin House provides both corporate entities and individuals a place to enjoy some recreational activities. In this case, Killerspin House focuses on the ping pong game. Killerspin House services include:

Renting or booking for tables
Hosting corporate events for special occasions
Provides facilities for business meetings as well as friendly games to break the ice
Provides professional players ready to play with you to horn your skills
Catering options

Killerspin House can host 250 or more people. Killerspin House is located in the heart of downtown Chicago at 140 S. Clark, Chicago IL 60603.

(866) 577-5291
Street Address
140 S. Clark
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