Net & Paddle Table Tennis Club


About Net & Paddle Table Tennis Club
The Net & Paddle Table Tennis Club is one of Chicago's oldest and finest tennis clubs. It was founded by the Parker Brothers in the 1950s. Then the tennis game was referred to as ping pong.

Additionally, the Net & Paddle Table Tennis Club is the home of talented and professional tennis players for many years now. It has a 5-star rating and it is popular among people though it's not new. The current admin at the club is Paul Pashuku.

Despite the club being old, it's still the hub of great players and professionals. They only accept very experienced and mid-level players. So, there is always stiff competition and entertaining matches to keep the audience thrilled all week. Beginners are not welcomed.

Unlike the other table tennis clubs, the Net & Paddle Table Tennis Club also has some newer tennis clubs with ultra-modern facilities.

Although the Net & Paddle Table Tennis club has been around for a long time, it still has one of the best coaching classes for beginners. There are two coaches available to train beginners.

To get started for your training, you can reach out by phone. The club is open from Monday to Saturday. Meanwhile, the club is located at 4754 N Leavitt Street, Chicago, IL 60625, United States.

(773) 271-8580
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4754 N Leavitt St
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