Song Jeho Table Tennis Club


About Song Jeho Table Tennis Club
Song Jeho table tennis club is a sports hub for table tennis players and enthusiasts at all levels in Los Angeles. The Club combines a feeling of refreshment, development, experience, and history about the table tennis game.

Around 2016, a couple of driven individuals saw that many people enjoy playing ping pong and would love to play with new people outside their comfort zones. They started the sports club as a result.

Today, the Song Jeho table tennis club is solving this problem by providing interested individuals with a conducive environment, ping pong accessories, pieces of equipment, and a community of friends to mingle with. The Club also organizes a scheduled table tennis league for different individuals to compete in to further advance players' skills. After all, competition drives improvement and focus.

At the Song Jeho table tennis club, you have access to multiple ping pong tables to play with your friends. A friendly environment is also a major deliverable because it helps you socialize better and learn from other individuals.

You can locate the sports club at the intersection between S grand view street and W 11th Street, close to the Santa Monica driveway in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Being situated in Korea town is quite significant because the Club's nickname "Jay" Song Jeho was a renowned table Tennis Player in Korea before he moved down to the Club in Los Angeles.

He currently leads a team of other experienced coaches at the Club to provide tutoring services to players of all levels.

At Song Jeho table tennis club, you have a friendly and refreshing environment and the right facilities to help you reach out to different table tennis players and improve your game at the same time.

(213) 383-0096
Street Address
1049 S Grand View St
Los Angeles
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Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm
Saturday - 9am - 7pm
Sunday Closed