Table Tennis Champions #55 Club Inc


About Table Tennis Champions #55 Club Inc
The table tennis champion #55 club inc regards itself as the hub for all individuals who believe they can surpass all other rivals in any table tennis contest or championship.

The name is inspired by the mission to make individuals the best version of themselves in the table tennis sport.

Table tennis #55 club Inc makes table tennis champions by providing adequate facilities, a conducive environment, the best personnel, and the best community for proper growth and development.

The sports club and champions hub offers professional services from 309 Wall St, Los Angeles, CA 90013. You can get all you need to excel as a table tennis player at this location.

It's refreshing to practice and develop at this location, as you have other facilities you might need very close by. The tropical deli food trucks and Mexican food stand are just a walk from the Club. Further, you could be lodged at the Courtland hotel apartments if you are in town for a brief period. It's also a walk away from table tennis champions #55 club Inc.

Street Address
309 Wall St
Los Angeles
ZIP Code