Top 6 Table Tennis Clubs in Las Vegas for Amateurs and Professionals

Ping Pong is a popular sport in Las Vegas, and you can find plenty of table tennis clubs in the area. It might be overwhelming to search for the most suitable club as each player has different needs.

To make matters easy, we have compiled a list of some of the best table tennis clubs in Las Vegas that offer excellent coaching with a professional-grade infrastructure. These are equally suitable for amateurs as well as professionals.

Without further ado, let’s take a deeper dive into each of the six and see what they have to offer.

Las Vegas Table Tennis Club

las vegas table tennis club

Location: 360 Highland Dr Las Vegas Nevada
Club Highlights: More than 10 professional tables, open every day, USA table tennis certified coaches
Club Fee: $$

Located in the southwest part of the city, the Las Vegas Table Tennis Club is a well-known club that offers various training programs for players of all skill levels.

The club has air-conditioned halls with skid-proof floors and professional lighting and hosts several tournaments and leagues. You can also buy and sell equipment using the club community. The club also allows members and outsiders to arrange private events at the facility.

LanTian Table Tennis Club

lantian table tennis club

Location: 8668 Spring Mountain Rd # 100, Las Vegas, Nevada
Club Highlights: Open 3 days a week, strict regulations, 4 JOOLA 3000 SC Professional Tournament Quality Table
Club Fee: $
Connect: Not Available

LanTian Table Tennis Club runs under the Las Vegas Table Tennis Foundation. This is a small facility that doesn’t offer private coaching, but it is a decent place for practice as the club has professional lighting with laminate flooring.

The playing hall has both central AC and heating, so you can have a comfortable game. This is one of the most affordable clubs in Las Vegas and you can play table tennis for as low as $5 per day. If you are looking for a good place to play without breaking the bank, then this club is certainly for you.

Nevada Table Tennis Club

nevada table tennis club

Location: 4096 Renate Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada
Club Highlights: Open 7 days a week, strict regulations, 4 Professional ping pong tables, 1 ping pong robot, professional coaching, formerly called Olympic TTC.
Club Fee: $
Website: http://nevada-table-tennis-club/

Located in the center of Chinatown, this club has over 100 members even though it’s a small facility. The playing halls have good light with vinyl flooring.

The walk-in fee is only $5, and you can get professionally trained at $35 per hour. The place also offers a wide selection of table tennis equipment and apparel. If you want to play at a club that is affordable yet offers private coaching at a competition-grade facility, you should definitely visit this place.

Lee’s Table Tennis Club

lee's table tennis club

Location: 5154 W. Patrick Ln. #110 Las Vegas, Nevada
Club Highlights: Open 7 days a week, 6 Professional ping pong tables, professional coaching
Club Fee: $$

Also regulated by the Las Vegas Table Tennis Federation, this club is home to players with a USATT rating of 1000 and above. Although this is a small facility, we have found it to be ideal for intermediate players who want to train in a quiet place without many people around.

The head coach of this club is Robert H. Hodgson, who has a USATT rating of 1880. The club is slightly more expensive than other listings here, so we recommend comparing prices and seeing your budget before you settle for this one.

Lieburn Senior Center Table Tennis Club

lieburn senior center table tennis club

Location: 5154 W. Patrick Ln. #110 Las Vegas, Nevada
Club Highlights: Best for senior citizens, 4 Professional ping pong tables, highly affordable, lighting is compromised
Club Fee: $$

If you are looking for a professional table tennis club for senior members of the family, this club is ideal for you. Members of this club must be aged 50 or more to get a membership and the rates go as low as $10 a month.

This club can be a good place to socialize with the elderly. The facility is equipped with safety protocols for the seniors without sacrificing a professional atmosphere. The playing hall has laminate flooring with professional tables. One problem is lighting, which is not on par with a professional club.

West Flamingo Senior Center Table Tennis Club

west flamingo senior center table tennis club

Location: 6255 W. Flamingo, Las Vegas, Nevada
Club Highlights: Suitable for senior citizens, 2 Professional ping pong tables, suitable for both beginners and intermediate players, open six days a week
Club Fee: $$

Located in a senior center, this club welcomes people of age levels and skills but is particularly suitable for senior citizens. The playing hall is small with a low ceiling and only two tables. The club fee is $15 per year for members over 50.

The place is small but houses good lighting with vinyl flooring. If you are looking forward to a place to play near West Flamingo, you should definitely check this out. Otherwise, we do not recommend this club for professional players as it doesn’t offer professional coaching.

Table Tennis Hotels in Las Vegas

If you want to play ping pong while on a vacation, Las Vegas has many hotels equipped with table tennis facilities. You might want to check out these hotels if you want to explore another city or if you have exhausted your local club’s pool of competition.

Here are some of the hotels that you can choose from if you are going to visit the city but don’t want to miss your practice:

  1. GetAways at the Jockey Club
  2. Desert Rose Resort
  3. The Westin Las Vegas Resort
las vegas ping pong clubs

We recommend doing your research before you choose a club in Las Vegas as not all of them cater to every player’s needs.

You can choose from our recommendations to find the top table tennis club. If you are searching for other clubs in the city or want to look elsewhere in the US, don’t forget to check our directory HERE.

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