Top 10 Table Tennis Clubs in New Jersey: Best Clubs Near You

Finding the right place to play ping pong can be frustrating since you can never know much about the club unless you visit the place. We have reviewed the top 10 table tennis clubs in New Jersey so that you won’t have to waste your precious time.

Here is what you need to know about a professional ping pong club: It should be open at least five times a day, must have more than 5 professional ping pong tables, and should organize leagues and tournaments throughout the year.

Almost all of the clubs in this list adhere to these standards. Read on to find out more about the top 10 table tennis clubs in New Jersey.

10. New Jersey Table Tennis Club

New Jersey Table Tennis Club

Location: Springfield, New Jersey
Club Highlights: USATT-affiliated, 12 to 14 professional tables, hosts USATT-sanctioned tournaments
Club Fee: $$

The New Jersey Table Tennis Club (NJTTC) is one of the oldest and largest table tennis clubs in the tri-state area. This USATT-affiliated member-operated table tennis club has spacious, well-lit courts with rubber floor mats. You can receive private coaching from USATT-Certified coaches or settle for group lessons.

The club offers training programs for both beginners and professional players.
The NJTTC is open every day of the year, offers several leagues, and holds regular tournaments that are recognized by the USATT. The club also offers top-notch JOOLA blades, rubber covers, balls, and other table tennis accessories for sale.

9. Lily Yip Table Tennis Center

Lily Yip Table Tennis Center

Location: Dunellen, New Jersey
Club Highlights: Full-time availability of professional coaches, 24 professional tables
Club Fee: $$

This table tennis club is run by USATT-certified National-level coach, Lily Yip. The two-time Olympian has remained a member of the US National team for almost twelve years. Group classes are held for beginner and intermediate level players while professional players can also have private coaching classes.

Lily Yip Table Tennis training center is a recognized ITTF Hot Spot Training center. Sponsored by Butterfly, the club houses 24 professional Butterfly tables and sells table tennis equipment too. The club offers open play, organized leagues, and USATT-sanctioned tournaments.

You can also enjoy the club’s multiple exhibitions and camps held throughout the year. It’s on our list of top 10 table tennis clubs in New Jersey also because it offers weekly clinics and after-school programs.

8. Han-In Table Tennis Club

Han-In Table Tennis Club

Location: Palisades Park, New Jersey
Club Highlights: Professional coaches from the Korean national team, ping pong robots are also available
Club Fee: $$

This table tennis club offers 6,000 square feet of playing area with 12 professional tables. Located in the most populated area of North America, Han-in Table Tennis Club is spacious with high ceilings and rubber flooring.

You can also train with a futuristic table tennis robot. The club runs with the support of the Korean-American Table Tennis Association.

You can choose to get heavy-duty personal training or simply settle for recreational group activities. The Butterfly-sponsored club also has a pro shop so that you can purchase table tennis equipment and apparel.

You can attend several weekly, monthly, or yearly leagues and tournaments. The club also facilitates members in finding a partner by matching them with an opponent who shares a similar skill level.

7. Match Point Table Tennis Center

Match Point Table Tennis Center

Location: Whippany, New Jersey
Club Highlights: USATT-sanctioned tournaments, competition-grade infrastructure
Club Fee: $$

Owned and run by USATT-certified coach, Bochao Li, this is a JOOLA-sponsored table tennis club. At Match Point Table Tennis club, players of all ages and levels are trained. The premises is a 5000 square feet facility, featuring competition-grade non-glare lighting, a 15-feet high ceiling, and rubber flooring.

The club offers both private coaching and group training. It houses 11 ITTF-approved Tables and a dedicated team of professional coaches. You can also purchase JOOLA’s ping pong equipment and apparel from the club’s pro shop. The club also provides free WIFI and parking to members.

6. West Jersey Table Tennis Club Inc

West Jersey Table Tennis Club Inc

Location: Orlando, Florida
Club Highlights: USATT-affiliated, Safe Sport Certified Coaches
Club Fee: $

This club’s history dates back to 1966 and is no doubt the oldest ping pong club in New Jersey. The club houses 8 Butterfly Europa 25 tables, in spacious halls with circular LED bulbs. One aspect due to which this club stands out is affordability. You will not find a cheaper place to play as, in this club, kids can play for as low as $3.

West Jersey Table Tennis Club has certified coaches for training and you can have a group or private lessons. People of all skill-level can join this club. The only drawback is that this club is open only two days a week and that too in the evenings. If you are looking for a place to play that stays open 24/7 then this one is not for you.

5. Topspin Table Tennis Club

Topspin Table Tennis Club

Location: Hillsborough, New Jersey
Club Highlights: Great for school-going kids, allows private table reservation any day of the week for a full day
Club Fee: $$

Founded by US Open Champion Naihui Liu, this club offers several programs catered to each player’s needs. There are group lessons for beginner, advanced, and adult-level players.

We added it to our list of top 10 table tennis clubs in New Jersey because one-to-one lessons with the coach of your choice are also offered but this costs a lot. Topspin Table Tennis Club houses 15 top-of-the-line ping pong tables, which you can access any day of the week.

One aspect which really stands out is the club’s after-school program in which kids are also picked from the school with additional charges. Full-day summer and winter camps are available for kids too. There is a beginners’ Open League every Sunday. The club also hosts a league for advanced players every Saturday.

4. Hoboken Table Tennis Club

Hoboken Table Tennis Club

Location: Hoboken, New Jersey
Club Highlights: ITTF-qualified coaches, table tennis robots
Club Fee: $$

This club has several ITTF-qualified coaches including Sophie Hugh, a former table tennis player who represented New Zealand. She has won 18 gold medals and has dozen other ping pong titles. This club features 8 professional tables and several organized social leagues. Players from all skill levels can join this club.

Apart from a good number of tables and great flooring you also get Robo Pong machine to practice your strikes. Hoboken Table Tennis Club also hosts several leagues including a weekly table tennis league and social leagues with a handicapped system. Open 7 days a week, the club offers both group and private coaching classes.

3. South Jersey Indoor Sports Center

South Jersey Indoor Sports Center

Location: West Berlin, New Jersey
Club Highlights: 15 Butterfly Europa25 Tables, professional-grade infrastructure
Club Fee: $

Although this club is not exclusively dedicated to ping pong, it hosts ping pong leagues/tournaments and sports a professional-grade infrastructure for table tennis. It offers professional coaching and USATT-sanctioned tournaments. This club is sponsored by Butterfly.

South Jersey Indoor Sports Center also hosts several leagues throughout the year. Ping pong players can have private table reservations too. Each table is fully barriered with enough room for the players to move.

Table tennis courts have the dimensions of 30 x 20 feet, with vinyl flooring, and 15 high-end ping pong tables, giving you an authentic, professional feel.

2. Princeton Pong

Princeton Pong

Location: Princeton, New Jersey
Club Highlights: high-profile private coaches, frequent USATT-sanctioned tournaments.
Club Fee: $

This club offers a dedicated team of coaches with stellar credentials. If you want quality private coaching in New Jersey, you won’t be able to find a better place. For example, the head professional coach, David Zhuang is a 3-times US Olympian.

Most of the other coaches are USATT or ITTF-certified as well. The club doesn’t require reservations so you can drop in any time. Princeton Pong houses 14 ping pong tables and hosts league nights twice a week with one for advanced players and the other for beginners.

For group lessons, players are put into specific categories based on their skill level. Although serious players can get more benefits out of this club, it is also good for recreational and fun activities and hence why on our list of top 10 table tennis clubs in New Jersey.

1. PingPod


Location: Chatham, New Jersey
Club Highlights: High-tech sign-up, suitable for all levels of players
Club Fee: $

This club is not your conventional place to play. It is a recreational technology startup with several table tennis pods across the US. A ping pong pod is essentially a club that you can reserve online.

When the booking is done, the club provides you with both a table and staff. You can either choose a private pod, a multi-table, or a robot to play with. PingPod also offers professional coaching for serious players and club coaching for beginners.

You can also sign up for table tennis clinics and open play through the club’s app. It hosts various tournaments and open play throughout the year and you can check the schedule through the app. The main center is located in NYC with some pods in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Looking for a ping pong club elsewhere, check out our directory which contains more than 150 club listings. With the help of this directory, you can find places to play all around the US, contact the club you want to join, or simply visit the website.

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