Top 9 Table Tennis Clubs in Chicago: Best Places to Train

A good table tennis club can be a game-changer for both serious and recreational players. We have compiled a list of some of the best table tennis clubs in Chicago to help you choose your ultimate place to play.

Whether you are looking for professional training or just want to socialize over a ping pong table in a bar, we have it all. Read on to find the best table tennis club in Chicago.

1. Chi-Slam Table Tennis Club

Chi Slam Table Tennis Club

Location: North Avenue, Chicago
Club Highlights: One of the oldest clubs in Chicago; welcomes players of all skill levels; hosts several table tennis leagues
Club Fee: $$

This table tennis club has been functioning since 2001 and offers open play, rental tables, private classes, and leagues.

Chi-Slam’s head coach and the director is Ardy Taveerasert, who is well-known in the US table tennis world. The club hosts several leagues in a year and has five divisions where players are divided according to their skill and performance in the respective league.

2. Killerspin House

Killerspin House

Location: S. Clark, Chicago
Club Highlights: Can accommodate around 250 people; 9 high-end; professional tables
Club Fee: $$

Located in downtown Chicago, Killerspin House is perhaps the most prestigious table tennis club in the country.

This club is actually a product of a luxury table tennis equipment manufacturer. The club offers both group lessons and private coaching. It also has several professional ping pong players who are willing to play with you. The club arranges private events.

3. Chicago Chinese Table Tennis Club

Chicago Chinese Table Tennis Club

Location: Chinatown Alley, Chicago
Club Highlights: Caters to only seasoned players; this club is not a high-end place
Club Fee: $$
Connect: NA
Website: NA

Hidden in a shabby alley, Chicago Chinese Table Tennis Club is home to several veteran table tennis players.

It was created almost 30 years ago. Although the club is very popular among the surrounding residents, it has only 25 members due to a lack of proper equipment and a venue. As only professionals play the game, the environment of the club is very exciting and highly competitive.

4. SPIN Chicago

Spin Chicago

Location: N. State St., Chicago
Club Highlights: Social club with leagues; houses high-end STIGA equipment; open 5 days a week
Club Fee: $$

This high-rated table tennis club is one the most prestigious places to play in Chicago. SPIN is spread across six locations in the US and one in Canada.

The concept of this club is like a luxurious 3-in-one restaurant, bar, and club. This is not much suitable for serious players, as it functions more like a social table tennis club.

5. Experior Table Tennis Club

Experior Table Tennis Club

Location: Chicago and Orlando
Club Highlights: Sponsored by Butterfly; Competition-grade infrastructure with 25 tables and 1 robot
Club Fee: $$

This club is the true dream of a professional table tennis player. It features flooring and infrastructure which is very similar to actual competitions like the 2008 Beijing Olympics. All the courts are well-lit and you can get trained by professionals.

There are two facilities in Illinois: on West 63rd Street, Chicago, and in Orlando.

6. Net & Paddle Table Tennis Club

Net and Paddle Table Tennis Club

Location: Leavitt St. Chicago
Club Highlights: Ones of the oldest and highest-rated table tennis clubs in Chicago; leagues, and tournaments only for intermediate or professional players; private coaching for beginners
Club Fee: $$
Website: Not Available

Founded in 1950, this club is one of the most sought-after clubs in Chicago. Net & Paddle Table Tennis Club is home to some of the most famous and talented ping pong players in the US.

Although only players with some level of skills can participate in leagues and tournaments, if you are a beginner, you can get private coaching from expert trainers as well. The club is open from Monday to Saturday.

7. Chicago Sports and Social Club

Chicago Sports and Social Club

Location: Hillsborough, New Jersey
Club Highlights: Offers around 20 games including table tennis; one of the most affordable clubs in Chicago
Club Fee: $$

If you want to practice ping pong and make friends at the same time, there is no better place than Chicago Sports and Social Club. They have two formats for ping pong: teams of two and four.

The club organizes 8 matches and several leagues. You also get equipment certified CSSC staff. This place is more like a social club, so it is more suitable for beginners and recreational players who just want to play for fun.

8. AceBounce Ping Pong Bar & Restaurant

AceBounce Ping Pong Bar & Restaurant

Location: N Clark St, Illinois
Club Highlights: Fun place for recreational players; bar and restaurant with ping pong tables
Club Fee: $

If you play ping pong as a hobby and are looking for a restaurant-cum-sports club, check out AceBounce Ping Pong Bar and Restaurant. You can reserve a table there for as low as $8 an hour and enjoy the food and bar along with a game of table tennis with your friend.

This club is designed for recreational players only, without any coaches, so we do not recommend it as a solid training ground for professionals.

9. Athletic Alliance of Chicago

Athletic Alliance of Chicago

Location: Halsted, Illinois
Club Highlights: You can register for several leagues held throughout the year; the club organizes leagues for several other games as well
Club Fee: $$
Connect: NA

The Athletic Alliance of Chicago is one of the most popular sports clubs in Chicago and has the largest number of members in the region. This club is not specialized for table tennis, but it is a really good place to play if you want to have the added benefit of having access to other sports courts, equipment, etc.

You can get trained by certified coaches and at the same time, find like-minded people and socialize in ping pong clubs. If you want to find the best table tennis club, bar, or restaurant in any other state in the US, checkout out our ping pong directory.

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Wajeeh was introduced to Table Tennis at a young age of 11. What started as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion that had him compete in several professional tournaments at the district level in his home country. To date, he plays at a local sports club on the weekends and loves helping newcomers master the art of offense in Table Tennis.