Top 10 Table Tennis Clubs in NYC to Become a Pro

Table tennis is becoming a popular sport and finding the best places to play can be a daunting venture. Here, we have listed some of the top table tennis clubs in NYC so that you can make an informed decision.

We have selected high-end professional clubs and a few recreational social clubs as well. Read on to find your dream place to play table tennis.

1. Wang Chen Table Tennis Club

Wang Chen Table Tennis Club

Location: 250 West 100th Street NYC
Club Highlights: Open for both professionals and recreational players, ITTF-certified coaching, after-school programs for kids
Club Fee: $$

This club caters to every table tennis player’s needs. Whether you are a recreational player, want professional training, or want to host private events, Wang Chen Table Tennis Club has got you covered.

The club’s head coach is Wang Chen, who is among the highest-ranked table tennis player in the world. You can also register for a number of leagues and tournaments hosted by the club every year. The club is sponsored by Butterfly and has a pro shop as well.

2. Brooklyn Table Tennis Club

Brooklyn Table Tennis Club

Location: Mason Rd, Katy Houston
Club Highlights: 9 high-end professional tables, tournaments on Sunday and Thursday, best for serious players
Club Fee: $$

Brooklyn Table Tennis Club was founded by Nison Aronov, a former USSR table tennis champion from Tajikistan, who is also the head coach.

The club isn’t a big facility and you will find it in a basement of an office building, but it still attracts top players from the Brooklyn area, as it has professional coaches and high-end infrastructure. The facility is equipped with professional flooring, high-end ping pong tables, and vinyl flooring.

You will find people from diverse backgrounds here who share the love of ping pong. Although the club isn’t sponsored by a major table tennis equipment brand, you will find ping pong equipment being sold here.

3. PingPod

PingPod NYC

Location: Several facilities in NYC
Club Highlights: Fully automated space, open 24/7, you can take lessons or play with friends, professional coaches for experts and beginners
Club Fee: $$

This new-age top table tennis club in NYC is best for tech-savvy players. PingPod has a web app that you can use for booking pods around NYC. The app also connects you with some of the best coaches around and you can participate in open plays, leagues, and tournaments as well.

A pod is essentially a table tennis space that people can hire online for matches, events, or even personal training. You can find these pods in Astoria, Lower and Upper East Side, and Williamsburg.

4. New York International Table Tennis Center

New York International Table Tennis Center

Location: 134-32 35 Avenue Flushing, NYC
Club Highlights: Open from Tuesday to Sunday, international-standard coaching, reasonable rates
Club Fee: $$

Although located in a basement, New York International Table Tennis Center has all the necessary equipment and facilities that one needs in a top table tennis club in NYC. You get top-of-the-line tables and international-standard lighting. The flooring is not vinyl, as one would expect, but you get soft, wooden floors.

All tables are individually-netted with a professional coaching team. The official website doesn’t specify rates and we have heard some complaints about inconsistent pricing. Although the rates are affordable, we recommend establishing clear pricing before you register.

5. New York Table Tennis Club

New York Table Tennis Club

Location: 45-19 162nd St. Flushing NYC
Club Highlights: 10 Butterfly Pro ping pong tables, 4,800 square feet wide facility, table tennis robots are also available, USATT-sanctioned tournaments
Club Fee: $$
Connect: [email protected]

New York Table Tennis Club can be a go-to for players of all skills and ages. Here, you can get trained by a wide range of experts in a well-equipped facility that has tournament-grade infrastructure. In addition to group lessons, you can also get private training.

The club has designed several programs for beginners as well. You can participate in USATT-sanctioned tournaments and also choose “fun” leagues if you are a recreational player.

6. New York City Table Tennis Academy

New York City Table Tennis Academy

Location: 351 E.74th St, NYC
Club Highlights: Open only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 7 Butterfly tables, qualified coaching, best for professionals
Club Fee: $$$

Sponsored by Butterfly, New York City Table Tennis Academy is a spacious facility with a high ceiling, professional lighting, and qualified coaches.

Although the club welcomes players of all levels and ages, it is best for serious athletes as the club is designed for professionals. This academy also recruits players with significant skill levels and trains them for state or international championships.

7. Spin New York

Spin New York

Location: 48 E. 23rd St. NYC
Club Highlights: Ping pong social club, doesn’t require membership, not for serious players,14 ping pong tables, and the club has a restaurant as well
Club Fee: $$

This club is not a mainstream sports club with professional coaching, high-end equipment, and infrastructure. Spin New York is more like a social club, suitable for people who want to socialize over a game of ping pong.

You can either book the whole club for private events or reserve a table. the club also has a private area with one ping pong table, a bar, and seating for special gatherings.

8. Manhattan Beach Table Tennis Club

Manhattan Beach Table Tennis Club

Location: 60 West End Ave, 7th Floor, Brooklyn, NYC
Club Highlights: Open Sunday to Thursday only, coaches match players with compatible playing buddies, best for kids
Club Fee: $$
Connect: [email protected]

You do not need to be a member to reserve a table at Manhattan Beach Table Tennis Club. We recommend this club only for kids because most leagues and tournaments are organized for kids only.

Some kids trained here have also won state tournaments. If you are a recreational player, you can book a table anytime you want or take private lessons, but there are almost no leagues or tournaments for adults.

9. NY Indoor Sports Club

NY Indoor Sports Club

Location: 1535 126th Street College Point NYC
Club Highlights: 17 professional ping pong tables, expensive when compared to other clubs, skill-oriented training for beginners, intermediate, and professional players
Club Fee: $$$

NY Indoor Sports Club is among the best indoor table tennis facility in New York with a space of 15000 square feet. The club has esteemed coaches that cater to each player’s skill level.

It is sponsored by Butterfly so you can enjoy the Pro Shop as well. The only downside that we noticed was the fact that this club is very expensive. Monthly memberships will cost you $100 per month and for private lessons, you would be playing as much as $70 per hour.

10. New York Top Talent Foundation Indoor Sports Club

New York Top Talent Foundation Indoor Sports Club

Location: 37-10 Queens Blvd, Long Island City, NYC
Club Highlights: 6 professional ping pong tables, vinyl flooring, highly affordable, open Monday to Sunday, good for beginners and intermediate players
Club Fee: $$$

NYTTF is no doubt among the most affordable clubs in NYC. This is because the club was organized for charitable purposes and holds training and competitions for amateurs.

This non-profit, community-focused table tennis facility has a team of talented coaches, some of whom are Olympians. The club hosts singles and doubles league play and also has individual coaching. You can even book the facility for private events.

top ping pong clubs nyc

Searching for the ideal place to play table tennis can be frustrating especially if there are a lot of clubs in an area. We recommend starting small and looking for a club that has a functional website.

The website can tell you a lot about coaches, equipment, and rates, helping you save your precious time. If you are looking for more clubs in NYC or elsewhere in the US, check out our ping pong directory with more than 150 listings HERE.

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