Cornilleau Sport 250S Crossover Table Tennis Table Review: Quality Outdoor Table

One of the best tables for outdoor play is the Cornilleau Sport 250S Crossover. People seem to love their investment in the Cornilleau 250S Crossover and it has some fabulous reviews and features.

For this purpose, we have reviewed the ping pong table to settle the question of whether or not it’s worth its value.

Cornilleau Sport 250S Table Specifications

Our Rating: 4.7/5

  • Price: $$$$
  • Size: Regulation (9 feet x 5 feet)
  • Assembly Time: 3 hours
  • Weight: 141lbs / 64 kgs
  • Table Top Thickness: 5mm
Cornilleau 250S Crossover One Side Up

What to Expect?

The Cornilleau Sport 250S Crossover has several features that make it the number one choice for many people looking to buy an outdoor table.

5mm Thick Laminate Table Top

The playing surface of the Cornilleau 250S is a 5mm thick table top. This is the standard for outdoor tables, and it is seen to be a lot less than indoor tables, which is usually between 15-25mm for top-quality tables.

Compared to the indoor tables, the table top of the Cornilleau 250S is made of laminated soft matte, which is different from the medium density fiberboard (MDF) used in the making of indoor tables.

The S in Cornilleau 250S stands for a soft matte, which explains the special laminate coating making the table ideal for a consistent bounce. It is made in such a way that it even works against the glare of the sun. The bounce is ideal for recreational usages and somewhat even for amateur table tennis play.

Playback Position

The Cornilleau Sport 250S comes with the provision of playback. This means you can set the table up for solo play if your friends and family are busy but you are in the mood to play. The engineering involved in converting the table for playback usage is top-notch and we love how consistent it feels.

Folding With Compact Technology

Folding has never been easier with the Cornilleau 250S. Anyone, even children, can fold it, within seconds. It comes with 16 automatic locking points, that ensure extra safety, especially when you are putting the table away in storage. This is based on the patented Compact Technology of Cornilleau 250S.

Rustproof Frame

The Cornilleau 250S has a strong, powerful, and weatherproof frame. This frame is made keeping in mind the harsh weather of the outside and offers a lot of protection against sunshine and can handle getting wet. Its undercarriage is designed using a strong mixture of aluminum and zinc alloy, which is called aluzinc.

The aluzinc, as named by Cornilleau, helps with the rust, making sure your undercarriage remains strong over the years, no matter what the conditions. It is supported by legs with height adjusters that help with the unevenness of the outdoor surface and can be a handy addition.

Attachable Net and Post Set

The attachable net and post set comes with the Cornilleau Sport 250S. You do not have to remove this 72’’ net and post set, as it can remain on, even when the table is in storage mode. This is a huge benefit as it saves you the time in having to set it up, again and again. And if it breaks, you can always get a quality net that’s weatherproof like the Sanung Outdoor net.

Long Assembly

The Cornilleau 250S will take around 3 hours to set up. It can take two people up to 3 hours to set it up, although, some customers have reported that they got done under 2.

Massive Wheels

The best feature has to be the huge wheels supporting the Cornilleau 250S. There are four double wheels under each leg, that are 200mm thick! There is also the provision of locking them, to avoid the table from moving away.

This is an ideal feature that helps in storage, as well as, transportation of the table from one place to another. It does not matter if you have to move it over grass, cement, or sand, it will glide like it is being pushed over smooth pavements.


Paddle & Ball Storage

Amongst the many reasons to buy the Cornilleau Sport 250S is the storage it comes with for balls and paddles. You can store up to 8 balls and 4 paddles in the storage unit attached next to the table. We love this feature, as we are tired of losing our balls.

Cornilleau 250S Crossover Ball Paddle Storage

Weatherproof Surface

The table has resistance from all kinds of weather, thanks to its fantastic laminate table top. It comes with a soft matte finish, which absorbs the sunlight and does not allow it to bounce off causing glare. The table top is also resistant to weather, but we do suggest investing in a table cover and not storing it without the cover.

Large Wheels

As mentioned above, we love the massive wheels the Cornilleau Sport 250S comes with. They are truly massive, with the thickness of around 200mm and there are two under each of the four legs. This is a big help in the mobility of the table and can help in moving the table over any sort of terrain with ease. There is also a locking mechanism under two of those, allowing the table to stay where you want it to.

Height Adjusters

The table also has height adjusters, which can be adjusted up to 70mm. We love this feature as it allows for an even surface even when the table is placed on rough terrain. This is quite often the case considering the table is made for the outdoors and people place it on grassy or sand surfaces.

Easy Folding

Cornilleau 250S makes folding a lot easier as it is accompanied by the patented Compact Technology. These contain 16 automatic folding and safety points which are easy to use and can help in tucking away the table without a worry.

Strong Undercarriage

The undercarriage of the Cornilleau Sport 250S is powerful. Made from aluzinc, a mixture of aluminum and zinc alloy, the undercarriage can withstand all kinds of harsh conditions and offers protection against rust. Corrosion-resistance is not the only thing amazing about the undercarriage, as it provides viable support to the table top and helps with the consistent bounce.

Comes With Warranty

The best reason for buying the Cornilleau 250S has to be the big warranty it comes with. Cornilleau 250S is such a monster and the manufacturers are so certain that this product will be a hit, that they have offered a decade long warranty on the table. This shows their confidence in the product and fills us with hope.

The warranty does not cover the smaller issues of net and post or even the wheels as these things are bound to have problems over ten years.

Cornilleau 250S Crossover Outdoor Table for play



The Cornilleau outdoor table tennis table is slightly more expensive than expected. It is more expensive when compared to its competitors. This is a bit of a drawback, especially, if you are looking to buy an outdoor table on a budget.

Thin Table Top

While table tops of outdoor tables are supposed to be around 5mm thick, the Cornilleau Sport 250S has a table top that could have been thicker. It offers protection against weather but for playability, it could have been better. More than ideal for casual play or recreational purposes but players who are used to playing on indoor tables will not like it.

Long Assembly Time

The assembly time for the Cornilleau 250S is almost 2-3 hours. This is a big problem and one of the major drawbacks we faced. The instructions for the table are in French, and that means it can take you more than 3 hours, too.

Our Rating: 4.7/5

The Cornilleau 250S is rated highly by our team. This is because of the many features it comes with and its quality construction. It could have been rated even higher, had it not been for the long assembly time and perhaps its price. Top ping pong tables aren’t easy to come by.

Cornilleau 250S Crossover Folded Both Sides

Frequently Asked Questions

How to assemble the Cornilleau 250S Crossover? 

Assembly of the Cornilleau Sport 250S Crossover is a bit of a problem. This is because the instructions are in French and the set up can, either way, take up to 3 hours! It was a nightmare setting up the table with just the pictures on the instruction page so we have attached this video for your support.

What are the dimensions of the Cornilleau 250S?

The dimensions of the Cornilleau 250S are of regulation size. This means that the table is 9 ft x 5 ft and has standard height, as well. The table top is laminate 5mm thick with a soft matte finish.


We think the Cornilleau Sport 250S compares extremely well with the other outdoor tables. It would have been the clear winner, had it not been for the slightly thin table top and the long assembly time. It is a bit on the expensive side, but we would argue that for all its features, it still makes up for being a great value for money.

So, here’s everything that you needed to know about the Cornilleau Sport 250S crossover outdoor table. It is the complete table and absolutely ideal buy for recreational and amateur players. On the other hand, it is not a bad option for the pros and players that are used to better playability.

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