Cornilleau 600X Ping Pong Table Review: The Holy Grail

If you are looking for a holy grail outdoor ping pong table, then we have one of the best options for you.

The Cornilleau 600X features state-of-the-art craftsmanship and optimal ease of use. It is one of its kind tables that is easily foldable yet heavy duty as it features the fastest and safest folding mechanism.

Thanks to superior construction and ease of use, this table is hard to find fault–except when it comes to price or long assembly time.

Cornilleau 600X Product Specifications

Price: $$$
Rating: 4.9/5.0
Type: Outdoors
Color: Black/Blue
Weight: 77 Pounds/70 kgs (approximately)
Dimensions (after setup): 108 x 60 x 30 inches (length x width x height)
Thickness: 7mm
Top Material: Resin Laminate
Base Material: Steel
Accessories: Retractable Net and Post Set, Nuts and Bolts
Assembly Time: 2 to 2 ½ hours
Warranty: 10 Years

Best table tennis table - Cornilleau 600X

What to Expect?

Cornilleau is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to ping pong tables. It is highly unlikely that you haven’t seen their tables in schools, patios, parks, resorts, or apartment complexes.

It is a French ping pong table manufacturer and has many outdoor models, but the 600X is their most popular one. The table promises ease of use and optimal comfort.

It also seems to be sturdy and reliable with a warranty of ten years. We expect it to really have the qualities which set it apart from the competition. Let’s see what the hype is about!


The 7 mm thick is weatherproof and no amount of offense, violence, or harsh weather can pose any damage to it, which explains the 10 year warranty time.

The top is supported by a sturdy metallic frame made of Aluzinc, which is an alloy of steel, zinc, and aluminum, known for its anti-corrosive properties. The rest of the metal on the Cornilleau table tennis table also has an anti-corrosion coating.

The legs have steel inserts and adjustable feet so that you can adjust each section of the table individually. The improved leveling system also helps in storage. Heavy-duty wheels also scream quality and two of these have breaks so that the table can be locked.

The height and tension of the retractable net can also be adjusted. And it sets into place when the table is folded, so that there is no flailing net while you are carrying the table for storage.

Top outdoor ping pong table - Cornilleau 600X


Excellent Craftsmanship

When it comes to the structure, this ping pong table’s most unique aspect is its legs. They do not just support the heavy top but also add to the table’s visual appeal.

They can be leveled, as outdoor conditions do not always offer a flat ground and you might encounter dirt, raised ground or even stones. With the levelers, the height of each section can be adjusted the way you want.

Sun’s glare can be annoying when you play outdoors. To solve this problem, Cornilleau 600X has a matt top with an anti-glare coating which doesn’t just help with glare; it also assists with ball adherence and helps produce excellent bounce.

The surface is 100% waterproof and even if your table tennis table has had to deal with rain, hail, or snow, simply wipe it off and you are ready to play.

Safety Features

Cornilleau 600 X features a DSI locking system which is considered the best in the ping pong industry. There are sixteen locking points and the table can be fully locked in both storage and playing positions.

Another safety feature is the corner protection: there are pads on the corners so that in case kids bang their heads, they stay safe.

Storage and Portability

The ping pong table has four sets of double wheels which easily help move the table. The wheels can easily glide over uneven surfaces such as rocks or dirt. There is also a handle between the wheels which helps you handle and lift the table.

The wheels and the foldability make storage simple and easy. The net also retracts and adjusts between the two panels when the table tennis table is folded, so that it can fit into tight places.

Accessories and Additional Features

Cornilleau 600X ping pong table has multiple features which create optimal ease of use. There is a storage compartment below the net on each side of the table in which you can store 4 paddles and 8 balls.

At each end of the table, right below, there is a ball dispenser so that, during the game, you won’t have to run after your table tennis ball. There are also cup holders at each side of the table.

Cornilleau 600X review - outdoor


Price Range

We are all praises for Cornilleau table tennis table, and there is nothing quite like this one on the market. However, at $1,999 the table is fairly expensive. Cornilleau has other models which have similar features.

One key difference between the 600X and the other versions, which have lower prices, is the top thickness. If a 5mm thickness is suitable for you then we recommend the Cornilleau 250S which might not be as sturdy but has all the features that the 600X has.

Long Assembly Time

Cornilleau ping pong table takes 2 to 2 ½ hours to assemble, which is a long time. If you are fidgety and struggle with instructions then you will need professionals’ help to assemble this table.

If not, then you will need a socket wrench and maybe a helpful YouTube video to assemble the table.

Our Rating: 4.9/5

The Cornilleau 600X has exceptional quality and performance when compared to the competition. It also comes with convenient portability and compact storage.

Cornilleau 600X is expensive, but the advanced features and technology might overshadow this problem. Additionally, even though the table takes a long time to assemble, if you follow proper instructions, it is easy to put together.


Supreme quality, additional accessories and easy storage make Cornilleau 600X the best ping pong table in the market. Cornilleau 600X boasts innovative accessories without compromising safety, quality, or ease of use.

With a well-designed frame, strong legs, and a well-built top, Cornilleau table tennis table is both durable and reliable. It sure won’t budge during an offensive game or harsh weather and produces perfect spin. This table can surely satisfy even the most choosy players.

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