Joola Tour 2500 Review: Tournament-grade Ping Pong Table

If you are looking for a tournament-grade indoor ping pong table, on a budget, then we have the right one for you. JOOLA Tour 2500 combines the best of both worlds; it is USATT approved and can be used for light training by aspiring professionals or for recreational purposes.

The table tennis table is one of the most high-performance indoor tables and promises quick assembly. It has also been a favorite among novice players and professionals alike. It comes with an adjustable net and post set that is also USATT approved.

Let’s see the specifications to assess if it is worth the attention.

Joola Tour 2500 Product Specifications

Price: $$$
Rating: 4.9/5.0
Type: Indoors
Color: Dark Blue
Weight: 250 lbs /70 kgs (approximately)
Dimensions (after setup): 108 x 60 x 30 inches (length x width x height)
Thickness: 25mm
Top Material: MDF
Base Material: Metal
Accessories: Net and Post Set, Nuts and Bolts
Assembly Time: 10 to 15 minutes

Best table tennis table - Joola 2500

What to Expect?

JOOLA is one of the most well-known table tennis equipment brands and you have likely seen their ping pong paddles or tables around a lot. They officially sponsor the US Open and US National and are a household name.

JOOLA Tour 2500 is also one of their most famous products and has garnered fanatics ratings. As it is popular among professional players and amateurs alike, we expect quality, durability, and great playability.


The Joola Tour 2500 ping pong table is built to last and that is apparent from its heavyweight. At 250 lbs, the table has a 1-inch thick top, supported by a 2×2-inches steel frame and an undercarriage which is also 2×2-inches.

The thickness of the frame keeps the steady so that it won’t budge even during an offensive game. The heavy weight helps protect the table from damage and increases its lifespan.

The 1-inch MDF (medium-density fiberboard) top is premium quality and promises excellent performance. It has multiple coats of polyurethane paint which makes the surface resistant to damage and warping–and increases playability. It produces a consistent bounce and responds well to spin.

One of the most appealing features of this table tennis table is the foldability and how it has been made as two individual halves–which are put together to make a full-length table.

Each half has a dual under-carriage system which, along with 4-inch lockable caster wheels, eases transportation.

Joola 2500 - top ping pong table


Convenient Storage

Although the table is heavy, some features make folding and unfolding it quite easy. Each half has a trundle system that makes storage and transport convenient. With the help of this undercarriage and wheels, each half can be rolled and stored separately.

Another attractive feature is the auto-folding legs. To fold this ping pong table, just disengage the safety locks on each side and push the top up. The legs will automatically set into position.

Great Value for Money

JOOLA Tour 2500 retails at $1000 currently. This is the maximum price and with a discount or sales, you might get it for $900 or less. It has great quality, playability, and benefits that are worth the price.

Although it’s not marketed as a professional table, it offers similar features on a budget. At this rate, it is almost impossible to find an indoor table like this.

Playback Mode

Since the ping pong table comes into two halves, it supports playback mode. Simply fold up one half and play against it to practice. The wheels and auto-folding legs make the process of switching into playback mode (and back to normal) very convenient.


JOOLA Tour 2500 is very heavy and the process of assembly can be difficult. JOOLA surely made things easy by making this table 95% preassembled.

Just attach the legs to the frame by sliding them in and tightening some bolts and you are ready to play. The whole process takes less than fifteen minutes and you don’t require any special tools or professionals’ help.

Additional Features

Various other features make this table worth the money and hype. The legs have levelers due to which the height of the table can be adjusted.

Joola Tour 2500 table tennis table also comes with a USATT approved clamp-on net and post set which is adjustable in terms of height and tension. Caster wheels can lock the table into both playing and storage positions to help avoid accidents and increase playability.

Indoor table tennis table - Joola 2500


Heavy Weight

The biggest, and maybe the only, downfall of JOOLA Tour 2500 is its weight. It doesn’t just cause problems with assembly, movement, and storage, but also with shipping.

Although it comes 95% preassembled, it is very difficult to put the two halves together due to the weight, and you will need two adults’ help.

As it is a very heavy table and can get scratches or breakage during shipping. No matter how properly packaged the table is, if it is thrown around carelessly it can get serious damage. JOOLA offers excellent customer care service so this can be fixed.

Low Portability

The weight causes another problem: low portability. Although each half can be maneuvered alone, it is still very difficult to assemble, disassemble, and move.

JOOLA has made safety locking systems to hold all parts in place when you move the table, but you still need at least 2 people to move each half.

Our Rating: 4.9/5

JOOLA Tour 2500 is a marvel of great engineering and the latest technology. The table has an excellent quality, superb playability, and is very durable–and that too on a budget.

Although it does not match high-grade official tables, it does share similarities with them as the top is 1-inch and USATT approved.

If you are looking for a ping pong table that provides an authentic professional feel without poking a hole in your pocket, then this one is the best table tennis table for you.

In case you are looking for a recreational table tennis table that is heavy-duty, we would recommend this table tennis table.


JOOLA Tour 2500 is an excellent option for mid-level players looking forward to practicing on a well-priced table that offers quality and playability. It would be difficult to find a better indoor table with similar features at this price.

Although this ping pong table is heavy and difficult to maneuver, its price-performance ratio and sturdiness make it unmatched.

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