Pro-Spin Ping Pong Balls Review: Professional Grade

Made for both indoor and outdoor play, Pro-Spin ping pong balls are crafted for professional players. One of the most attractive features of these balls is the use of ABS material which promises durability and spin.

This material is also making waves on the table tennis scene due to being eco-friendly. To meet the standards issued by ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) and USSAT (USA Table Tennis), each ball undergoes a strict testing process.

Pro-Spin ping pong balls are among the highest rates in the market right now and promise to deliver quality and performance. These 3-star balls are suitable for intermediate to professional players and can survive harsh, offensive environments, promising to be dent-free.

This package contains 40+ balls which is likely to last you a year. Let’s see the specifications to assess if these balls are tournament-grade.

Pro-Spin Ping Pong Balls Product Specifications

Our Rating: 4.6/5.0
Price: $$$
Weight: 2.7g
Size: 40 mm
Material: Plastic
Color: White
Outer Material: ‎ABS polymer plastic
Speed: 8.5/10
Consistency: 9.5/10
Roundness: 9.0/10
Hardness: 8.5/10

Best table tennis balls - Pro-Spin 3-Star

What to Expect?

Pro-Spin ping pong balls feature breakthrough technology in terms of construction by breaking away from the traditional cellulite ball, which promises durability and a professional-grade performance.

These balls are among the highest-rated ones right now and the stamp of ITTF approval further increases expectations.

The right table tennis ball has the ideal weight, size, and dimensions to suit a professional-level game, and as seen from the specifications, these balls are crafted for professionals.

According to the description on the packaging, they are suitable for both outdoor and indoor play; let’s see if these hold up in the harsh outdoor environment.


Pro-Spin Ping Pong balls are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). This material is fairly new in the table tennis industry and is known for precision and a good lifespan. It is also environmentally friendly as opposed to the traditionally used cellulite or plastic.

Each ball in the package is a marvel of craftsmanship. They are crafted to the ideal weight and size of a professional ping pong ball too, which contributes to their speed, accuracy, and spin. A slightly heavier weight helps diminish bounce and increases spin ability.

Top ping pong balls - Pro-Spin 3-Star


Professional Grade

Pro-Spin Ping Pong Balls are rated 3-stars, ensuring the highest control and consistency, as 3-star balls are recommended for professional and intermediate players.

A very important factor is the suitability of these balls: Whether you are an intermediate player looking forward to refining your skills, or a professional expecting to train with decent professional-grade balls, Pro-Spin 3-Star would be among one of the best table tennis balls for you.

As these are ITTF-approved with an ideal weight, they are among the top choices for playing professional-grade. You can use these to train, play in a tournament or league, or just at home with intermediate players. These balls also work perfectly with ping pong robots.


ABS plastic adds a lot of durability to the already well-built ball. They are suitable for aggressive play and harsh environments and you would rarely see a dent even in an offensive game.

No wonder the Pro-Spin Ping Pong ball is rated to be one of the most durable and long-lasting, whether you are used to playing hard smashes or have accidentally slammed the ball, these won’t disappoint in terms of durability.

With these, you can practice without worrying about damaging your ball.

Excellent Performance

Pro-Spin delivers when it comes to performance, no wonder the high rating. These ping pong balls are very spin-friendly and their weight helps even more with topspin and backspin.

You will also get a consistent shot with every stroke. As these are more spin-oriented, they are a little slow, something most players like. A smooth structure increases consistency and control.

Quality Guaranteed

In case you find the product not up to the mark, Pro-Spin covers you with a one-year 100% money-back quality guarantee. This information might help in case you have doubts or second thoughts about quality.

Pro-Spin 3-Star balls


Damaged Packaging

Some customers reported having received damaged or broken products due to poor packaging and manhandling. This is a huge problem that has left many disappointed. The Pro-Spin company accepts how its packaging is far from flawless.

High Cost

We often hear customers complaining about how expensive the Pro-Spin table tennis balls are. That’s because the company is mainly focusing on maintaining the quality standard of the balls, which ultimately leads to higher costs.

If you are looking for ping pong balls for recreational purposes, these are not for you, as they are expensive.

Not Seamless

As opposed to what is being marketed, the surface of these balls isn’t 100% seamless. Seams get in the way of spin and most 3-star balls do not have them to ensure a perfectly spherical structure to give a professional feel and allow a variety of spin during the game.

Our Rating: 4.6/5.0

The Pro-Spin ping pong balls are on par with some of the highest tournament-grade balls. The durability, bounce, spin, and speed of these balls make them stand out.

Thanks to the superior craftsmanship and the rigorous testing that these balls go through, they deliver the highest standards of quality and performance. These balls are suitable for any kind of gameplay: Whether you play as a hobby or professionally, use them indoors or outdoors.

They are for everyone; beginners and professionals alike can enjoy the quality performance of these high-grade ping pong balls.


With approval from ITTF and USATT, you shouldn’t expect anything less than the best from the Pro Spin ping pong balls. These balls can be used in any game environment, you can use them in professional tournaments or intermediate training.

Now you can go all out with your gameplay without any worries about dents and damages, even in an aggressive play. You can also go guilt-free with these due to their material being environmentally-friendly.

They are fairly expensive, so we would recommend them only to serious players. Moreover, if seams bother you, you might look for a seamless ping pong ball, as these have them.

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