STIGA Optimum 30 Ping Pong Table Review: For Professionals

Want an indoor ping pong table used by champions? STIGA Optimum 30 table tennis table has been used in many World Championships including the Olympics

Aimed at intermediate to advanced players, it is a tournament quality table that promises to deliver a professional feel. It has also managed to get the attention of pros and is one of the most top-rated table tennis tables.

One standalone feature of STIGA Optimum 30 table tennis table is the 30 mm thick top, as it is the thickest surface available in the market right now. It has really good reviews and customers have reported the table to be durable with a tournament-quality gaming experience and provides compact storage.

Stiga Optimum 30 table tennis table is ITTF-approved table, which might explain the hype. Let’s look at it in detail and see what makes it so special.

STIGA Optimum 30 Product Specifications

Price: $$$
Rating: 4.8/5.0
Type: Indoors
Color: Dark Blue
Weight: 250 lbs /70 kgs (approximately)
Dimensions (after setup): 108 x 60 x 30 inches (length x width x height)
Thickness: 30mm
Top Material: MDF
Base Material: Metal
Accessories: Net and Post Set, Nuts and Bolts
Assembly Time: 1 ½ to 2 hours

Best table tennis table - Stiga Optimum 30

What to Expect?

STIGA is a German table tennis equipment manufacturer and is one of the most famous companies when it comes to table tennis tables.

STIGA Optimum 30 table tennis table is no exception and is used at famous clubs all around the US and Olympic games due to its optimum bounce technology-30mm thick top, an ideal amount of friction, unmatched stability and the response to spin.

This ITTF approved ultra premium indoor tournament table is widely considered a supreme indoor table and has garnered significant attention. We expect this table to live up to its reputation.


The most attractive feature of STIGA Optimum 30 table tennis table’s innovative design is the table top. The tournament blue 30mm thick top made up of MDF is pre-treated multiple times. Several coats of special varnish are applied to provide just the right amount of gloss and ensure a consistent bounce and ideal frictional coefficient.

This 30mm thick top is supported by superbly heavy duty frame and robust steel legs. The 2⅖ inches profiled steel apron and 1⅗ legs come with built-in leg levelers so that the table height can be adjusted. Its massive chassis construction features heavy gauge steel for unmatched stability and durability.

Although this is very heavy, STIGA Optimum 30 table tennis table made things easy by using 4-inch heavy-duty ball-bearing caster wheels. This table offers machine-grade casters and leg levelers that can easily glide and roll over uneven indoor surfaces and have locking systems to keep the table tennis table stable during play or conveniently stored in an average-sized game room.

The locking wheels reinforce stability giving players a complete hold of their shots.

Another very convenient aspect that helps STIGA Optimum 30 in easy storage and transportation is the fact that this it has two individual halves which can be moved completely independently. Furthermore, these independent table halves come with wheel bases that perfectly nest into each other for incredibly compact storage measuring 25 inches in depth.

You can also enjoy playback mode by folding one half of the table in playback position.

Stiga Optimum 30 - top ping pong table



The ball rebound consistency that Stiga Optimum 30 table tennis table offers is unparalleled. Even though the table consists of two independent table halves, the connection is almost seamless and doesn’t affect the quality of the game at all. In fact, they provide compact storage making your life easy.

Predictable trajectory and superb response to spin allow a fantastic playing experience.


Stiga table tennis tables are known for being durable and sturdy. These tables will last you decades, and Stiga Optimum 30 table tennis table is no different. This is a heavy-duty, ITTF-approved table with independent table halves and massive chassis made of heavy gauge steel specially designed to sustain damage due to daily wear and tear.

It won’t budge during an offensive play and would give you a perfect tournament-level feel with maximum stability.

Response to Spin and Bounce

Most indoor tables have a maximum thickness of 25mm but Stiga Optimum 30 table tennis table stands out. When it comes to table tennis tables more is more and we all know thickness means a truest possible bounce of utmost quality that is immediately noticeable. It is the first table to have around 30mm thick top coated with special varnish creating unparalleled evenness and playability.

Ping pong balls react fantastically and spin is very effective on Optimum 30. Thanks to its optimum bounce technology-30mm thick top, it responds well to spin and is one the best table tennis tables in this price range.

Premium Net and Post Set

When a company offers a net and post system with the table, the net will likely be low-quality and you would have to replace it sooner or later.

The STIGA Optimum 30 table tennis table, however, comes with STIGA premium VM net and post set which is ITTF approved and guarantees unmatched stability. Its height and tension are also adjustable. The perfectly aligned high-quality STIGA VM net with precision tension adjustment makes the playing experience even better.

Stiga Optimum 30 indoor table


Long Assembly Time

In a world of JOOLA which has heavy-duty table tennis tables that come 95% pre-assembled, Stiga Optimum 30 table tennis table’s assembly time is slightly disappointing. It is a very heavy table too, so assembly is not an easy process.

Stiga should have considered preassembled legs which might have made the process easy. You have to attach some parts including 4 machine grade casters and steel legs and the whole process takes 1 to 2 hours, which can be very off-putting for some people.

Lack of Convenience Features

Competition has upgraded their game when it comes to ping pong tables. Most Cornilleau tables, for example, come with added features such as cup holders, ball dispensers, and storage compartments.

With a high price tag, Stiga optimum 30 table tennis table should also introduce such features, since consumers are paying a hefty price for an indoor table.

Another significant problem that the customers have pointed out involved an important component. Although this table screams heavy-duty, the pieces which are used to align the table top are made of plastic.

The rest of the table may last you decades but these pieces are bound to fall apart sooner or later. We wish Stiga Optimum 30 table tennis table would have used better quality material here.

Our Rating: 4.8/5.0

If you are a serious player looking for a professional-level, ITTF approved ultra premium indoor tournament table to train on, then Stiga Optimum 30 table tennis table would be among your best choices. It is the first table priced the same as other brands such as JOOLA and Butterfly but offers a 30mm thick top, which is simply priceless. Plus, it comes equipped with 4 machine grade casters for unmatched stability and easy mobility.

With independent halves, the table offers easy portability and incredibly compact storage. Moreover, the massive chassis featuring heavy gauge steel, Stiga Premium VM net, and post set caters to an excellent playing experience. However, if you are looking for a recreational table for your game room, this one is not for you, as it’s designed for professionals.


Although it is light on convenience features, Stiga Optimum 30 is a high-end tournament quality table and has one of the best table tops. It is among the best consumer ping pong tables with a sturdy frame and professional feel.

The ITTF(International Table Tennis Federation) approval attests to the table’s quality and we are also impressed. This table tennis table is durable, reliable, and sturdy and yet offers a fantastic playing experience. It is praised by professionals all over the world and has graced multiple World championships including Olympic games.

We highly recommend STIGA Optimum 30 table tennis table, if you are looking for the thickest yet premium quality indoor table.

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