Butterfly A40+ Table Tennis Balls Review: ITTF Approved Affordable Balls

The Butterfly A40+ is made for tournament play and it is another top-quality ball that we review, here. The A40+ is considered to be the closest to the quality and playability of the older celluloid balls.

It has several features that make it an appealing candidate to be your next buy. After all, determining the right quality ball is a big decision and you need to know everything before you can decide on a ping pong ball.

Butterfly A40+ Ball Specifications

Our Rating: 4.1/5

  • Price: $$$$
  • Size: 40+

Play Ratings

  • Roundness: 7.9 (uniform roundness)
  • Speed: 8.1 (good average speed)
  • Consistency: 8.3 (consistent bounce)
  • Hardness: 6.2 (quite hard)
Butterfly A40+ Table Tennis Balls Review - Individual Balls

What to Expect?

Butterfly has raised the standard so much that expectations from all of their products are quite high. The Butterfly A40+ is no different from this rule, as we found out from our experience.

You can expect uniform quality in all of these A40+ balls and you will love it!

Official Stamp of Approval

This Butterfly ping pong ball has the stamp of approval from the official federations like the ITTF and the USATT.

They have been used in many ITTF and USATT competitions around the globe and this indicates that the ball has the quality of being a mainstay in official competitions. This should always be an important measure of buying a ping pong ball.

Plastic Build

Butterfly went all plastic for this one. This came after the official regulations changed and celluloid balls were no longer in play. Butterfly saw the problem and they have answered it by producing top-quality plastic balls that perform just as well as the old celluloid balls, if not better.

Quality Control

Play better, play Butterfly. This is not just a line to get your attention. Butterfly ensures all of their products are made under strict quality control and for the A40+, this was an important precondition.

Strict quality control allowed Butterfly to develop a ball that brings about high uniformity, stable rotation, speed, and balance.

Butterfly A40+ Table Tennis Balls Review - Ball Measurement


Great Bounce

The bounce on the Butterfly A40+ is as close as we have witnessed to the celluloid balls. It is not only consistent, but it is also high enough to meet the ITTF standards. The trajectory it follows is insanely predictable making it a top-quality option.

In addition to other features, the bounce was a major reason why it ranks so high on our favorite balls.

Similar to Celluloid Balls

Almost every ping pong player will tell you their nostalgic bias towards the celluloid balls. For good reason, as well, because the celluloid balls were simply magnificent. They bounced high, they were fast and their playability was extraordinary.

If you miss them, and you still want to comply with the latest ITTF regulations, then this Butterfly ping pong ball is here to rescue you! Made from plastic, making them a lot safer, as these are not flammable, the A40+ are superb! These balls are almost exactly like the celluloid ones and their playability reminded us of the traditional balls, so much!

Textured Grip

Unlike the Nittaku Premium 40+, the Butterfly A40+ has a textured grip. It initially took a little adjustment but it was fine eventually. If anything, we prefer the textured grip to the smoother one, it has better playability off the serve. This is a pro for us buy may be a downside for others.


The Butterfly A40+ is cheaper as compared to the Butterfly G40+. The price makes the A40+ a more practical option for the 3-star balls. It is also available in packs of 3, 6, and 12, which means you can buy them as per your need.

Butterfly A40+ Table Tennis Balls Review - Ball Pack



Compared to the G40+ the playability was slightly slower. You need more power to generate speed on the A40+ but it means more control. They are made from a different material and that slows down the game, just a little bit; something you may only notice if you are a regular.

Slightly Inconsistent

Again, this is by no means a drawback. The inconsistency is only when you compare the A40+ to the Nittaku Premium, the G40+, and the XuShaoFa. Some prefer it to the G40+, but it is dependent on what you are looking for in a ball.

High-Pitched Noise

The G40+ made a more natural sound during rallies. The Butterfly A40+ just seems a little too much and it can be distracting, especially, if you are not used to playing with Butterfly balls, previously. However, the surface of the A40+ is not as glossy as the G40+ and that makes it a somewhat better option if you did not like the glossy feature.

Our Rating: 4.1/5

Throughout our experimentation of different balls, affordability was one of the major measures when we rated balls.

A 3.9 rating might seem less, but it is only 3.9 when compared to the likes of Nittaku Premium, XuShaoFa, etc. The A40+ is a fantastic option, especially for the amateur players hoping to pursue a career in ping pong.

We like many things about the Butterfly A40+; from consistent bounce, extra control to how familiar they feel to the traditional celluloid balls. However, at the same time, we believe the G40+ might be a better option, although, it is comparatively pricier. This is not an insult for the A40+, as it was made to be a budget option, and it has ended up being compared to some of the best ping pong balls in the market!


Approved by the ITTF for tournament usage, the A40+ was the official ball of the 2018 World Table Tennis Championships in Sweden. This shows that the quality of the A40+ ball is simply incredible, and it is a fantastic option for all levels of players. It is not only affordable, but it is ranked in a very good company alongside other top-class 3-star balls.

A40+can be a little loud and a bit slower. At the end of the day, it is a favorite of many ping pong players, all around the world. Not to mention, the high praise it gets on the Internet!

So, here’s everything you need to know about the Butterfly A40+ table tennis balls to make an informed decision.

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