JOOLA Spring Pro Table Tennis Net Review: ITTF Approved

JOOLA Spring Pro Table Tennis Net is one of the best in the world. It is made from some of the best materials in the world and JOOLA, being a top table tennis products manufacturer, did not hold back in making this. Let us take a closer look at what the Spring Professional Post and-Net-Set has to offer!

Product Specifications

Rating: 4.6/5.0
Price: $$$
Type: Clamp and screw
Color: Black and white

JOOLA Spring Pro Table Tennis Net

What to Expect?

If you invest in the JOOLA Spring Professional Post and Net Set, what can you expect?

ITTF Approved

You can expect an ITTF and tournament-approved post and net set, that has been used in major tournaments all around the world. If you are a serious player, or someone, who is serious about improving their game, we suggest using ITTF approved table tennis products and paraphernalia. This has passed all the professional testing requirements and is authorized by the highest table tennis authority.

Rubber Padding

You also get attached rubber padding with the post and net set, which allows post clamps and protects your table top from getting any potential scratches. This will also allow for a tighter fit once clamped.

Consistent Play

You can expect top-quality play, that is consistent and in line with the ITTF authorization. There are height adjusters that come with the net and post set, that will allow you to adjust the height of the net and post set.

Fast Assembly

Unlike the other clamp and screw types, the JOOLA Spring Professional offers relatively quicker assembly. This is ideally made for the 1.5” thick tables and you can set it up within a few minutes upon opening the packaging.

Exceptional Material

The JOOLA Spring Pro Net is made from the highest quality material, you can find. Yes, it is quite expensive, but JOOLA charges for the material they use, and once you use the product, you realize that it has been money well-spent!

JOOLA Spring Pro Table Tennis Net - Close Up


There are quite a few reasons for investing in the JOOLA Spring Professional. Let us explain why you should buy it!

Easy and Quick Set Up

You can set up the JOOLA Spring Professional within a few minutes, upon receiving the package. It comes with a clamp and screw set up, that is very easy to set up, and anyone that has any experience of playing table tennis can set it up, within a few minutes.

Scratch Free Experience

There is little doubt that screw and clamp setups are the most reliable options in table tennis. However, a lot of people complain about these setups being enemies of the table tops, as they often leave a scratch or two. With the JOOLA Spring Professional, you can be sure, that there won’t be any scratches as it comes with rubber pads.

Height Adjusters

There are height adjusters, allowing you to adjust the height of the net, as you like. You can either set it up as per the ITTF regulations or, as per the laws that you and your friends follow!



In the world of ping pong, people hardly feel comfortable investing in a good post and net set. There are often post and net sets included with tables when you purchase them, and most people feel fine using those sets, and never think about investing in a proper one. That is why, even if people think about buying a replacement, the JOOLA Spring Pro Net will not be a top choice because it is quite expensive.

Clamp and Screw Set Up

The clamp and screw setup is hardly preferred by most amateur and casual players because other setups are relatively easier to set up. However, for the professional players, the only option has to be the clamp and screw set up, as that is the one used in tournaments. So, players can find it slightly hard to set it up and opt for the easier options.

Attached With 1.5″ Table Tops

The JOOLA Spring Professional only attaches with table tops that are 1.5” thick. This can be an issue if the table you have invested in is thinner. You may have to find a DIY solution.

JOOLA Spring Pro Table Tennis Net - With Table

Our Rating: 4.6/5

The JOOLA Spring Professional is one of the best options for a post and net set in the market. If you want to purchase a post and net set, we suggest going for this one, as it fits all your potential needs. It comes with the clamp and screw set up, which is relatively better than other types.

However, we understand that most people are reluctant to spend big on the JOOLA Spring Professional because it can be expensive. However, if you want a quality product, then you should go for it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the JOOLA Spring Professional Attach With Thin Table Tops?

This depends on how thin the table top is. The JOOLA Spring Professional does not attach with the tables that are thinner than 1.5”. Make sure you know the size of your table top before you buy a post and net set.

Is the JOOLA Spring Pro Net Only for Indoor Usage?

As per the official product description, the JOOLA Spring Professional can only be used for indoor usage. However, you can use it for outdoor usage, as well, if you are careful not to let it get wet or leave it out in the sun, as it could damage the material.


Conclusively, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a top-quality post and net set as it will help in more consistent rallies. Made from durable material with high-quality cotton embedded in between, this post and net set will end up lasting a long, long time. You do not need to worry about buying replacements, as there is a good chance that the JOOLA Spring Professional will be around for as long as you want.

The screw-and-clamp set-up is the official method of attaching the set to the table, and you should get used to this setup as quickly as possible.

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