Best Ping Pong Nets – Everything That You Need To Know

A lot of players do not care about choosing the best ping pong nets or realize the extensive procedure behind the construction of a table tennis net. Most people get one when they buy a table and they do not change it unless that net gets damaged. It is, though, ultimately important to get the right kind of net, as there are multiple options to choose from.

A List of the Top 10 Ping Pong Nets You Can Buy

As there are multiple choices to choose from when it comes to the best ping pong nets, we have managed to list down one best net as per their type for your convenience. So, if you want a clipper, clamp and screw, you know which one to go for!

Ping Pong Brackets

STIGA Premium Clipper 72

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $$
Type: Clip
Color: Black with white edges

You might be surprised to see that a clipper makes the list, but this is the best option to choose. The STIGA Premium Clipper is approved by the ITTF and meets all the guidelines of the rulebook as per the measurements, that makes it one of the best ping pong nets. You can use it for training, as well as, minor tournaments, too!

The level of stability on the STIGA Premium Clipper is quality, because it is a clipper, after all. You can latch it onto the sides and it provides immense stability and is ideal for high-intensity matches, keeping everything intact and in place. The best net is the one that does not make its importance felt.

It is incredibly easy to set up and with that price, this is a no-brainer investment. The sturdiness of STIGA products is never in doubt, and this is not an exception. The tension adjustment is quality and one of the best you can get. It is a must-buy!

JOOLA Spring Professional Table Tennis Net and Post Set

Rating: 4.6

Price: $$$$
Type: Clamp and screw
Color: Black and white

Passing all the professional and official requirements, the JOOLA Spring Professional table tennis net and post set is the best possible option for a net, out there.

Made from exceptional material, it has a wonderful design that includes two metal posts and a quick and easy setup clamp system that attaches the bracket with the table.

The sturdiness of the JOOLA Spring will never be in question as it has a woven cotton-steel thread that will last for years! In addition to the stability, it has an incredibly easy setup but it only fits on tables that are 1.5” thick. If you did not know before, you know now, that this is ideal only for the very top professionals that invest thousands of dollars on a good playing area and the top-of-the-line tables, as well.

It is quite expensive, though. The lack of affordability makes it a relatively poor option for some, but if you can afford it, there is no point thinking about which option you should go for!

JOOLA Retractable Portable Table Tennis Net and Post

Rating: 4.0/5

Price: $
Type: Retractable
Color: Blue and white

For the recreational and amateur players, the cheaper option is always opting for a retractable net and a ping pong set, that can be used on almost any table, midsize of full size.

While there are multiple options to choose from, it is unwise to spend on a cheap retractable net, especially, when there is a chance that it could break easily.

For this reason, we recommend buying the JOOLA Retractable Portable Table Tennis Net and Post Set because it costs a lot less than the other nets, and it is still a reliable option to go for. It has a smooth, compact, and easy-to-use design and it is one of the best ping pong nets for any table.

The portability of the net makes it another fantastic option because you can it anywhere and you can set it up with almost any table in the world. It also has the stamp of approval of being a JOOLA product, which means that JOOLA has left no stones unturned in making sure that quality is optimum.

Ping Pong Sets

Sanung Outdoor Weatherproof Table Tennis Net and Post Set

Rating: 3.9/5

Price: $$
Type: Clamp and screw
Color: Black and white

The Sanung Outdoor Weatherproof Table Tennis Net and Post Set is one of the highest quality nets that we have used. People are normally reluctantly investing money in a brand they do not know much about, and that is true when you compare Sanung to JOOLA, Killerspin, Butterfly, etc. However, based purely on quality, this is a fantastic investment.

Made from premium cotton and metal, it offers a lot of elasticity and strength. The set-up of the net is quite easy as compared to other screw and clamp sets and it has a net wire hook that can help in stretching the net according to your liking.

Butterfly Europa Net and Post Set

Rating: 4.6/5

Price: $$$$
Type: Clamp and screw
Color: Black and white

Like always, a list of table tennis products is incomplete if you do not include a Butterfly product. The Butterfly Europa Net and Post Set is a top-tier product that is mostly used in ITTF-level tournaments all around the world. It fits ideally with tables that have a thickness of around 1.5”.

There is a ring chain included which allows for adjustment of net tension and in addition to the ring chain, there are adjustable screws that calibrate with the net. One of the downsides of investing in the Butterfly Europa Net and Post Set is the fact that it costs an arm and a leg. The price is the only sticking point, in an otherwise, perfect net and post set.

Comesee Kioos Table Tennis Net Adjustable Post

Rating: 3.5/5

Price: $
Type: Clip
Color: Black and white

The 72” premium cotton blend net is made of heavy-duty steel that can last a long, long time. It is one of the most affordable options around, priced under $10 at eBay. The setup is incredibly easy, and you can have it up and running within seconds.

You can attach the clip to almost any table, and it is perfect for recreational purposes. You can also set it up with 60” wide tables and enjoy the strength and elasticity of the net.

Killerspin Clip-on Post and Net Set

Rating: 4.1/5

Price: $$
Type: Clip
Color: Black and white

Killerspin makes top-of-the-line products, only. For them to be making a clip-on net and post set, is a big deal! However, you can be sure of getting top-quality even with the clip-on net set, because Killerspin does not compromise on the quality of the products.

It has a standard size and will fit most tables that have a thickness of around 1” and you do not have to waste a lot of time setting it up, as it is a clipped set and it will only take a few seconds to set it up properly.

STIGA Retractable Net

Rating: 3.8/5

Price: $
Type: Retractable
Color: Grey

The STIGA Retractable Net offers a quality route to buying a retractable net set. You can set this up almost anywhere, on any table, and its portability makes it a fantastic investment. The dimensions are roughly 10.3 x 10 x 4 inches, with a shipping weight of 1.9 pounds.

You can set it up within a few seconds, as well. Near the top of the post there is a button that you have to push and it will lower the bottom section of the clamp.

Then you clamp down one post and pull the net across the table, clamping down the other net post on the far side.

JOOLA Premium Avanti

Rating: 4.3/5

Price: $$$
Type: Screw and clamp
Color: Black and white

JOOLA, with their Premium Avanti, claim that they have used the same material in the production of the Avanti, that they use in the production of nets that are used in ITTF tournaments. We have used both sets of nets and we agree to the fullest! This is a cheaper route to buying one of the highest quality nets around.

It is extremely lightweight and you can set it up with its screw and clamp feature within a few minutes. Accompanied by a rubber set, the Premium Avanti allows you to play on any surface without scratching it. This is a great investment!

STIGA Premium VM Net Set

Rating: 4.7/5

Price: $$$
Type: Screw and clamp
Color: Blue and white

Last, but definitely not the least, the STIGA Premium VM Net Set is simply the best net set you can buy.

It has several fantastic features that we simply love, and we believe that the Premium VM offers the best value for money, as well. This might be a little hard to believe, especially when the Premium VM is valued at nearly $60…

The STIGA Premium VM Net Set comes in a fantastic blue and white design. For the blue, STIGA have used high quality blue cotton, that not only looks great, but also offers insane elasticity. You can adjust the tension and adjust the height of the net, according to your convenience.

It also has the stamp of approval of ITTF and has a great resume considering it has been used in some major world tour tournaments. If you order directly from STIGA Sports website, you can return it within 60 days, if you have any complaints, but we can assure you that you will not have any complaints with this fantastic net set.

The Many Types of Table Tennis Nets to Choose From

There are a few different types of nets used in table tennis. It is down to preference and opinion, as to which one a person believes is the best ping pong net type. From ping pong table net clamps to ping pong brackets, retractable, clip-on, there are many variations.

Retractable Nets

Retractable nets are the cheapest and lowest quality of nets available in the market. You can opt for these if you are on a budget, or if you prefer playing for recreational purposes and have multiple-sized tables.



You can buy retractable nets for peanuts! They are quite cheap, making them a good investment for recreational players.

Quick & Easy Setup

You can set the retractable nets up within seconds. This is a timesaver and unlike other nets, you do not need to worry about finding the right net for your table, you can set them up on any table.


Retractable nets can be taken anywhere thanks to the portability on offer.


Not for Professional Use

Retractable nets are not approved by the ITTF. You cannot use them for serious games and these are not used by professional players, either.

Clip-On Nets

The most commonly used nets are clip-on. There is a clip system that attaches the post to the table and it is remarkably easy to set-up.


Ideal for Table Halves

The clip-on nets can keep the two table halves together thanks to their clip-on feature. This means you can use them on most tables.

Quick Setup & Removal

A lot like the retractable nets, the clip-on is quite easy to set up and remove. You can set one of these up within seconds.

Stable & Sturdy

Despite the ease, the stability and sturdiness of the clip-on nets are never in question. You can find reasonably priced clip-on nets that can last you many months and even years!



As the clip-on nets are placed on top of the table and use a clip-on feature, there is a chance that they scratch the table top.

Relatively Poor Tension/Height Feature

Compared to the clamp and screw set, the tension and height features of the clip-on nets are not ideal and could collapse if you have an attention-seeking cat!

Clamp & Screw Nets

If you are looking for the ultimate net and post set, used professionally, as well, then you should only consider the clamp and screw system. The posts clamp down on the surface firmly and you can screw them tightly as per your liking. This allows limited moving during the game.


Adjustable Height & Tension

The tension and height features of the clamp and screw nets are top-class. This is a requirement as per the ITTF regulations and can improve the level of the game being played.

Bulkier Net

The net is not lightweight and has its weight in the middle of the table. This works ideally with thicker table tops, as well.



The clamp and screw nets are the most expensive type of nets in the market. This rules many people out, who are not prepared to pay big bucks for a net.

Longer Setup

The setting up of the clamp and screw net can take a bit of time.

Ping Pong Catch Nets

How high is a ping pong net? The ping pong catch net is different compared to the other nets we have mentioned, here. This net is used to catch the balls and is primarily used for solo purposes and in addition to ping pong robots.

Net Size & Height

The official size and height of the net have been determined by the ITTF. As per the official regulations, the net should be 6 feet (1.83 meters) long and 6 inches (15.25 cm) high.

How Do You Set up a Ping pong Net?

The set up of a ping pong net is quite easy. For the retractable net, you simply have to open the two posts and adjust them on the side of the table.

If you have the clip-on net, you should adjust the clips on the side of the table and it will be set up and ready to use.

For the clamp and screw net, the set up takes a bit of time. You have to adjust the clamps and then screw them tightly as per your liking.

How to Buy a Ping Pong Net: What to Look For?

First of all, before investing in one of the best ping pong nets, it is important to consider the type of ping pong net you are looking for. Secondly, the most important factor is the height of the table tennis net, which should be six inches from above the table top.

Net Assembly: Time & Simplicity

The assembly of the ping pong net takes around a few seconds to a few minutes, at max. This is highly dependent on the type of a net in question. If you use a clamp and screw net set, then it will require around a couple of minutes to set up and for the retractable and clip-on nets, the assembly time is barely a minute or two.


How easy is it to adjust the height and remove or replace your net? The quicker the better.

Tensile Strength

As per ITTF, there is no regulation on how tight the net should be. However, it should be tight enough to rebound the balls that hit the top portion of the net.


The portability of the ping pong net also depends on the type of a net in question. Retractable nets can be portable and used with multiple different tables.

Ping Pong Table Net Clamps

Finding the Right One

There are lots of options to choose from, when you are looking to buy a ping pong net. We have reviewed some of the best ones, based on budget, quality, and their type. Make sure your decision is based on how much you play and the amount of money you are willing to spend on a net.

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