STIGA Premium VM Table Tennis Net Set Review: Costly

When you talk about all the top-quality net and post sets, you simply have to include the STIGA Premium VM Table Tennis Net Set. Few nets are a more popular choice around the world than the STIGA Premium VM and we will explain, today, why it is such a popular option. If you want a high-quality net set for a tournament or for your club or even just for getting the best experience, we suggest investing in the STIGA Premium VM.

Product Specifications

Rating: 4.7/5
Price: $$$
Type: Screw and clamp
Color: Blue and white
Weight: 1.67 kgs

STIGA Premium VM Ping Pong Net

What to Expect From Stiga Premium VM Table Tennis Net?

The STIGA Premium VM is probably one of the best nets and posts set around. This is what you can expect if you place the order to purchase it!

ITTF Approved

Like most STIGA equipment, the Premium VM has the stamp of approval from the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). This explains how the STIGA Premium VM table tennis net has been made along the guidelines provided by the table tennis regulatory body. The size of the net set, the tension of the nets, the height, and the type is all as per the rulings of the ITTF.

High Quality Net

If we are simply talking about “nets”, then in all my years of playing table tennis, I have never seen a better-quality net than the STIGA Premium VM. The cotton net has great tension, that you can adjust and it is simply made of “premium” level cotton. You can feel the quality as soon as you touch it for the first time.

Net Strapper

There is also the availability of a net strapper that helps you in adjusting the tension of the net. This is a glorious feature and one that we simply adore! It is highly convenient and a great addition, that I hope other net sets also include.

High Quality Net for Table Tennis


Here is a list of all the reasons why you should buy the STIGA Premium VM table tennis net.

Very Reliable & Study

The manufacturing of the Premium VM is top-class. This explains the sturdiness on offer and the reliability you are paying for when you purchase it. You can be sure of the fact that if you purchase the Premium VM, it will give you quite a long lifespan.

Unlike the other cheaper options, the knobs and stands are not flimsy. This goes for the net set, as well.

Adjustable Height

Like you would expect, the STIGA Premium VM table tennis net has an adjustable height, that allows you to place it at a height per your convenience. The knobs are quite decent and very convenient to use.

Fantastic Design

Users simply cannot get over the aesthetics on offer. This shade of blue goes quite well with the white and it promotes a great aesthetic sense that not only looks good but also enhances the entire table. The white borders with the black metal on the sides look great and are a big reason behind people splashing the cash on the STIGA Premium VM.

Not to mention the blue brackets that go along nicely with the rest of the color shades and the net in-between.

Quickfire Set Up

Most of the top-class net sets are very difficult to set up. Especially when there aren’t any guides on how to do it. However, when we look at the STIGA Premium VM table tennis net, it is relatively much easier to unbox and connect. Screw and clamp setups do usually take time, but you will not find many set-ups easier than this one to get going.

Glorious CV

As we mentioned above, the STIGA Premium VM has the stamp of approval from the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). If that was not enough, here is another great fact about this brilliant net set; the STIGA Premium VM has been used in many ITTF tournaments around the world.

This is a big deal, and it should be acknowledged because you are using a professional level net set that many of the top players have played around.

Return Policy

STIGA also has an incredible return policy on the Premium VM that extends to almost two months! This means, you get sixty days in total, to use the Premium VM and in case it is not up to the mark and breaks or you discover some issue, you can get it replaced by sending it back to the company.


Even for the perfect net set, there are a few downsides.

Incredibly Expensive

This is a genuine downside for the Premium VM, but one that is not at all unexpected. With all that they have to offer, it makes perfect sense to price the VM at more than $50. People still buy it, at that rate, and they consider it a steal, so each to their own, I suppose.

Stiga Net

Our Rating


Well, there isn’t much to say about the Premium VM. This is a fantastic net set and it makes complete sense to go all out for it. From the design to the manufacturing, everything has been spectacular and STIGA has really outdone itself.

That is why, every good thing that we have to say about the STIGA Premium VM, is well deserved. Yes, the price is a little steep, but you are getting all that you could want. The design is superb, the set-up is easy and, of course, the stamp of approval and that CV speaks for itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Use the STIGA Premium VM on an Outdoor Table?

While the STIGA Premium VM is not made for outdoor play, it can be used on outdoor tables, but it is prone to rust. In particular, the screws are prone to rust and may become unusable.


All things considered, if you can afford it, you should buy the STIGA Premium VM. Yes, the manufacturing of the STIGA equipment is always amazing but if you want to spend money on a good product, at least spend it on something that looks good too. And, you can bet, the STIGA Premium VM looks great.

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