STIGA Premium Clipper 72 Review: Inexpensive table tennis net

Clippers are probably one of the best options for all levels of play. Particularly, when you have to decide on a new net for your table, and you play leisurely, only. Clippers are not only easy to attach and detach, but they are also available in high quality. Let’s take a look at one of the best nets in the market, the STIGA Premium Clipper 72.

Product Specifications

Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $$
Type: Clip
Color: Black with white edges
Weight: 1.65 Pounds

Stiga Premium Clipper 72

What to Expect?

There is a lot to expect from the STIGA Premium Clipper 72. Yet, it finds a way to surprise you, especially when you consider that clippers normally are not expected to be top-quality.

Quick Set-Up

If you are investing in the STIGA Premium Clipper 72, you expect the set-up to be quick. Your wish is granted as STIGA does not complicate the quick set-up in this amazing net set. All you have to do is take it out, and set it up within a few minutes and you can start playing within minutes.

USATT Approved

The quality of the STIGA Premium Clipper 72 is second to none. This can be seen as it has the approval of the USATT. The USATT is the largest table tennis governing body in the US and holds an official standing in the world.

Regulation Measuring Tool

STIGA includes a tool that will help you measure the regulation size of the net. This allows you to get a taste of the highest level of table tennis. Use your tool and make sure the net is assembled to the regulation 6-inch height.

Using the measuring tool is quite easy. All you have to do is, slide the tool onto the net that will help ensure proper tension adjustment.

Spring Activated Clip

Part of the quick set-up is the time-saving spring-activated clip. You can easily remove and set up the premium clipper with the spring-activated clip. It also includes a rubber paddling alongside the clip, which helps protect the table from scratches and clasps on the table.

Simply grip the clip for easy on and off. Rubber padding on the clip protects your table from scratches and firmly grips the table.

Heavy Duty Steel Posts

For outstanding playability, the STIGA Premium Clipper 72 comes with strong steel posts that will last any kind of tough rallies. These are durable steel posts that will not need replacing for a long, long time.

High-Quality Net

Any table tennis net is rated on its ability to stay taut. With this precision tension adjustment system, a string runs through the top of the net and connects on both ends to a chain that hooks onto the post for perfect tension that lasts. Under the tension of a fully taut net, you can have a wonderful playing experience as you do not need to worry about the net collapsing.

Cotton Blended Net

STIGA claims to have used the top-of-the-line and premium cotton in the manufacturing of the STIGA Premium Clipper 72. This not only offers durability but allows for the aforementioned superior tautness. It simply will not break under pressure, and the strength of the woven fibers enhances playability and rebound during netted shots.

Stiga Net for table tennis


Inexpensive Option

Unlike other STIGA net sets, it is good to have products priced at a reasonable rate. The STIGA Premium Clipper 72 is an inexpensive option for all levels of play, as the product is top-quality and can be used by amateurs and top professionals, alike.

Fits On Most Regulation Sized Tables

The STIGA Premium Clipper 72 will fit most of the regulation-sized tables around. This is another huge advantage of investing in it, as you can buy it as a replacement net for almost any table. So, if you net broke for some reason, make sure you take the right decision and purchase the highly durable Premium Clipper 72 by STIGA.

Number 1 Choice For Convenience

Another reason for buying the STIGA Premium Clipper 72 is the fact that you get a lot of ease. The Spring Activated Clip, in addition to, the quick set-up on offer, makes it a no-brainer decision. You do not have to worry about finding the manual and then looking up how to set the net and posts before playing.


Not Adjustable

For all the features included in the STIGA Premium Clipper 72, the company forgot to make the net adjustable. It probably would not have required a lot of mechanical work, but it would have made the product a ten out of ten option for consumers. Either way, this is one of the few reasons people opt for other options.

Not For STIGA Outdoor Tables

While STIGA has not mentioned that the Premium Clipper 72 will fit outdoor tables, there was an expectation that the net will be able to fit most of the regulation-sized tables. However, as many people found out, along with us, that this was not the case, and the net did not even fit the outdoor tables manufactured by STIGA.

Ping Pong Net

Our Rating


All things considered; we like the Premium Clipper 72 as a recreational option. What’s not to like about it? It is cheap, it is high-quality, the set-up is incredibly fast and you can never fault the effort put in by STIGA, a highly reputable brand.

Maybe, it could have been improved by adding the adjustable feature and making sure that it fit more tables. But we will always have complaints, even about the best products.


While STIGA could have done even better, the fact that we have such high expectations from them, speaks volumes about their products! The STIGA Premium Clipper 72 is not an exception to this rule. It costs less and there is a lot to like about it.

We love the design, as well. The black and white color combination makes it a very good purchase for aesthetic reasons, too. So, if you are looking for a replacement net, we suggest going all in for the STIGA Premium Clipper 72.

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