Chaofan 36 Spins Table Tennis Robot Review: Affordable

Chaofan 36 Spins is one of the best table tennis robots in the market. In fact, it is often listed in the top ping pong robots by many reviewers. It is very simple and convenient to use, with 4 knobs and a wired remote to control and configure the various speed and frequency settings.

The robot can be placed atop the table and it will serve a series of balls according to the player’s needs. Also, with the help of the remote, the player can adjust the settings without leaving their side of the table.

The robot has the capacity to hold just more than a hundred table tennis balls. One can even adjust the arc at which the robot throws the balls. It has seven possible arc positions for the robot head. Depending on the position, it has six spin options, including backspin, topspin, no-spin, left-spin, right-spin and multi-spin.

Chaofan 36 Spins Robot Specifications

Rating: 4/5

  • Cost: $$
  • Size: 40×38×37 in
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs / 4 kg
  • Frequency: 40 – 70 balls/minute
  • Oscillation: Yes
  • Balls capacity: 110
  • Spin types: 6
Chaofan 36 Spins ping pong robot

What to Expect?

When you buy the Chaofan 36 Spins, you can expect the package to include various parts and accessories to assemble the robot with the help of the instruction manual. Even without the instructions, it is fairly easy to assemble.

Here are some other things you can expect when you buy the Chaofan 36 Spins.

Two Serve Types

This robot comes with two types of serves, direct and indirect.

In the direct serve option, the robot throws the ball directly at your side, unlike a normal serve. It is a better option for regular practice. The speed and spin of this serve type are also stronger.

In the indirect serve option, the robot throws the ball just like in a normal serve. It is more suitable for beginners to practice their serves and receives.

Both types of serves can be configured by adjusting the robot head’s elevation. You can also set the proper speed and spin of the ball according to your needs.


The Chaofan 36 Spins has four knobs on it’s control box, which control the frequency and speed of the balls and spins. From top to bottom, the first button turns the machine on/off and controls the speed of the balls being served.

The second knob controls the frequency of the oscillations, by swinging the robot head faster or slower, controlling the area the balls will hit. The third and fourth knob control the speed of top-spin and back-spin, respectively.


Chaofan 36 Spins comes with adjustable oscillation speed. When the speed is set at zero, it serves the balls at a fixed point. When the speed is increased, the robot serves balls right to left randomly, although the balls would not run out of the table. The range of the oscillations is about 15°.

Arc Positions

Players can manually adjust the robot head of Chaofan 36 Spins to attain the type of spin they want in the serve. There are seven positions in which the robot head can be configured. It is advised to turn the robot off before adjusting the robot head.

Here are the seven positions in which the robot head can be rotated in:

  • Top Spin: Adjust the knobs such that the level of the top-spin knob is higher than the back-spin knob.
  • Back Spin: Adjust the knobs such that the level of the top-spin knob is lower than the back-spin knob.
  • Left Spin: Adjust the robot head such that the head is pointed in a 1-3 position.
  • Right Spin: Adjust the robot head such that the head is pointed in a 5-7 position.
  • No Spin: Adjust the knobs such that the level of the top-spin knob is the same as the back-spin knob, while the position of the robot head points in the direction of a 4 position.
  • Multi-Spin: If you combine the first four spins (top spin, back spin, left spin, right spin), you can achieve the multi-spin.


The product Chaofan 36 Spins comes with a few accessories. Here’s the list of accessories you can expect in your package.

  • Main engine
  • Robot head
  • Ball storage tube
  • Power
  • Fixed frame
  • Measuring tool
  • Instruction
Ping pong robot for practice


Without a doubt, Chaofan 36 Spins is a reputable robot in the table tennis world which has a lot to offer. Here we have listed a few advantages of the robot for you to better evaluate its worth.

Large Capacity

The Chaofan 36 Spins has a large capacity for balls. You can put more than a hundred balls in the robot and enjoy a training session paced at your needs.

The robot has the ability to serve 40 to 70 balls per minute, which is a good enough speed for any level of player.


The cost of the Chaofan 36 Spins is more than worth it for the robot with a multitude of functions and settings. Moreover, this robot costs much less than many other similar robots in the market.

Different Types of Serves

This robot has two types of serves. Direct serve, which is more suitable for regular practice. Indirect serve, which is better for beginners. Both the serves can be configured easily by adjusting the elevation of the robot and the position of the robot head.

You can also adjust the type of spin and speed you want in the balls being served by the robot.

Simple & Easy

The robot comes with various accessories which you can put together to get the robot in working condition and start playing. The robot is not just easy to assemble, but also very easy to operate with the help of its control box, robot head and a wired remote.

Wired Remote

Chaofan 36 Spins comes with a wired remote, which gives you easy access to all the controls without moving to the other side of the table.

Adjustable Settings

All the settings on the Chaofan 36 Spins are adjustable. You can configure the speed and spin of the ball, or any kind of serve you want, through the control box or the wired remote, making the gameplay and training session even more fun and catered to your needs.

Manually Adjustable Oscillations

The robot, Chaofan 36 Spins, allows you to manually adjust the oscillations of the serves. The robot can serve balls with or without oscillations. You can also configure the speed and level of oscillations.

When activated, the robot serves balls randomly from right to left. The range of oscillation is about 15°. You can be assured that at the same speed, the balls will not run out of the table.

Table tennis robot


Although not many, there are still a few drawbacks of Chaofan 36 Spins that we would like to share for you to better analyse whether you want this robot or not.

No Wireless Remote

The Chaofan 36 Spins does come with a wired remote; however, many players prefer to have a wireless remote for their robot. A wireless remote is easier to control and use, rather than a wired one, as there is no hassle of a wire attached to the remote.

Instructions in Chinese

The robot comes in a package with various accessories. One of which is the instruction manual.

Many of the customers have complained that the instructions on the manual are written in Chinese, which makes it difficult for people who don’t understand Chinese to read the instructions.

Even though it is not difficult to assemble or operate the robot, it would still be better if the instruction manual was more readable.

Oscillating Through the Middle

The robot has a major advantage of the oscillations feature, but this feature has a drawback as well. When the balls are served in the oscillation mode, the robot throws the balls from right to left.

This means that it does not just oscillate to the right and left, but also throws the balls in the middle region as well. This is not one of the major drawbacks, yet still there are a few complaints, hence we included it here to list out all the possible traits of the robot.

Our Rating: 4/5

The robot is rated quite high, taking into account all the multitude of functionality and variety that it provides. The robot, Chaofan 36 Spins caters to the needs of every players from any level of experience.

Whether a beginner or a professional, players can adjust the settings of the robot to fit their training needs.

This machine can accommodate a large number of balls, i.e., 110 balls. Moreover, you can adjust the speed and frequency of the balls being served. There are also options to set the oscillation speed and range, which allows the robot to throw the balls from right to left.

There is also a control box and a wired remote, through which you can power the robot on/off and easily configure the speed and frequency of the balls. You can also adjust the arc of the robot head to get a variety of spin options available in the robot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Balls Automatically Refilled in the Container?

No, the balls are not automatically refilled. You will have to manually collect the balls and insert them in the container once it is emptied. However, you can buy a net or a ball catcher to make this process easier.


Considering the price of the robot, it has a major advantage over many of its competitors with the same functionalities. You can also buy various other products with the robot as well, such as a ball catcher or a net, without spending a huge amount of money.

All in all, the robot, Chaofan 36 Spins, is definitely worth a shot. This robot is easily one of the best products in the market and can give your practice sessions the extra bit of boost they need. Or you can simply just enjoy table tennis with a little robotic friend.

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