JOOLA Signature Table Tennis Table Review: 1-year Warranty

A healthy recreation exercise is necessary for an office setting or at home to bring your blood and mind back to work. The 25mm JOOLA trademark is an outstanding ping pong equipment with a robust frame and adjustable legs.

You can use this reliable table to have quality time with friends, family, and co-workers, and enjoy a well-deserved break from monotony.

JOOLA, a firm that has been developing table tennis equipment since the 1950s, is one of the proud sponsors of the major table tennis events in the world. One of their more recent releases has been the JOOLA Signature Table Tennis Table, which seems to go under the radar, more often than not.

The JOOLA Signature is a table tennis table with professional characteristics and comes with superb features that would certainly be a favorite for most ping-pong fans.

JOOLA Signature Table Tennis Table Specifications

Our Rating: 4.4/5.0

  • Price: $$$
  • Weight: 256 lbs / 116 kgs
  • Dimensions: 9 ft x 5ft (regulation size table)
  • Tabletop Thickness: 9mm MDF surface, 3mm table top
  • Assembly Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Joola table for ping pong

What to Expect?

JOOLA Signature is a fantastic table that is especially suitable for indoor play. It has everything you would expect from an indoor table; nonetheless, here we have all the characteristics to assist you to determine whether or not it’s a smart idea to acquire it!

Design & Durability

A 25 mm MDF-grade surface is available on JOOLA Signature, hence the name of the table. The robust base carries 1.5-inch folding steel legs with separate table halves for both sides. 3-inch wide, four wheels support both parts.

The steel beams of JOOLA Signature are polished and have rubber-bearing graders. The floors are free from the rubbing of these levels. They also enable personalized height changes for a highly equal play area.

This table also features an extra safety lock system at the bottom to avoid the unintended opening of the table.

The design of the tables is certainly designed to last, as a robust underside is well reinforced. There are, also, big weights on the table depending on its capacity and certainly have shown remarkable ability to withstand large loads.

It has a 1.5-inch apron that also serves to provide the tables a uniform bounce and robust stability.

Ease of Use

The JOOLA Signature comes preassembled nearly 95 percent when you order. Therefore, it will certainly require little assembly out of the box. In 20 minutes, you can set it up, however, a beginner might need more time.

You may then enjoy a game of table tennis with a friend or family member. Storage is also made quite easy, as stacking the table away is relatively straightforward and doesn’t leave any traces if it’s not in use.

As it comes in 2 distinct half tables, if it is not necessary and not utilized, you can easily put it away. Its real measurements are 108 x 60 x 30 inches, however, when its tabletop is folded, it becomes extremely easy to pack away.

As mentioned, it features an extra safety lock system at the bottom that avoids the table from unintended opening. This is a fantastic feature inserted by JOOLA and can save you from a lot of hassle.

Affordability & Warranty

This table is still within the cheaper ping-pong table pricing range. You can purchase a little over $600 from Amazon, making it a gettable option for professionals, amateurs and beginners, alike.

This ping-pong table is a much more reliable option thanks to the one-year warranty that comes with it. Therefore, within one year of using this table, you don’t have to worry about replacement or repair, as your warranty will cover it.

Ping pong table


Playback Position

You may also play alone with the table by transforming the table into a playback. It is a great function to enhance your talents and to knock out training before you play your buddies! This displays JOOLA’s outstanding engineering by making it two-piece and solving two problems.

Abacus Scorers

There are abacus scorers installed on either side of the table. These help you in keeping the score during the game and you do not have to rely on your friends or yourself. For accurate scorekeeping, this is a super addition.

Highly Thick Table Top

The table top of the JOOLA Signature is phenomenal. It is not only quite thick in size, but it also helps in producing supreme bounce that will help you play your game at the highest level. If you want a table that has true bounce, your number one option should be the JOOLA Signature.

Corner Ball Holders

There are ball holders at all four corners of the table that make ball storage easy and convenient. This is clever engineering and brilliant use of limited space to ensure a higher user-friendly experience for the people. These kinds of quirky additions can go down super well with the buyers.

Durable Undercarriage

The table features a robust underground carriage that will not only last you long but keep you in top shape and shape. JOOLA has achieved this through the supply of a powder coat that resists moisture and corrosion. Providing a durable undercarriage is important, as it ensures the longevity of a table.

Net & Post Set

JOOLA Signature comes packed with a net and post set that features the quick set-up clamp design. It makes the assembly of the net easy and you can do it within seconds. In addition to the familiarity of the assembly, the net and post set is also high quality.

One Year Warranty

JOOLA is one of the world’s best-selling table tennis brands. The example of the quality of their products is shown in its entirety as a one-year guarantee when purchasing JOOLA Signature. This includes production defects and other possible concerns.

Table tennis table


Incredibly Heavy

The JOOLA Signature is a very, very heavy table. It has a thicker tabletop than many other tables and while that is ideal for true bounce, it also makes the table heavier than normal.

Thus, it is more difficult to carry around if you don’t have someone to help you. It can be a question of preference and liking, at the end of the day, if you are a beginner, you might not want to pay over the odds for such a heavy table.

Prone to Rust

Its steel components may be susceptible to rusting if the place where you position it has a greater amount of humidity and moisture.

While the table is made for indoor usage only, the steel components of the table are not as good as you would expect them to be. Being a relatively newer table, many reviews are already complaining about rust.

Our Rating 4.4/5.0

Naturally, we are confident that this table is worth buying based on our assessment by utilizing the above-given characteristics. It offers big upsides, which make it an excellent shopping. The JOOLA Signature design is quite excellent.

It may naturally integrate with other equipment in your lounge and is easy to build and store away. It’s a good purchase and we certainly won’t hesitate to recommend this table to people who want to make table tennis their passion.

The JOOLA Signature features a thicker surface that gives the ball higher bounces than the other less costly table tables. We think it is long enough to survive many hours of intense sports after testing its support for the undercarriage.

We also believe that the 3-inch locking wheels are durable enough and a fantastic edition, quite unlike the wheels on the JOOLA Nova DX.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some questions that are mostly commonly asked about JOOLA Signature, for your convenience.

Does it come assembled as the product says 95% preassembled?

It does say that the JOOLA Signature comes preassembled, but you will still have to set it up, and if you do not have previous experience of assembling a table, it will take you at least an hour to get it up and running.

How wide is the table when folded?

The JOOLA Signature is 30 inches wide when folded for storage, making it quite easy to store and it comes with a locking mechanism that will help you store the table, safely.

Does the JOOLA Signature come with free ping pong balls and a paddle?

No, you will have to purchase paddles and ping pong balls separately.


The JOOLA Signature is an outstanding table tennis table, which offers good cash value and has a list of extremely important characteristics. The 25mm table surface is one of the best in the table tennis market, especially at that price.

This level of thickness is truly beautiful to see on a tabletop since it enhances the ball bounce by a large margin, which in turn improves the playing experience.

All in all, it compares quite well with other tables of similar specifications, so we suggest splashing the cash, especially, because you get a year-long warranty on it.

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