Donic Speedflex 2 Table Tennis Shoes Review: Perfect Grip

For table tennis shoes to become a popular choice, a lot of work goes in behind the scenes. From intricate and top-class manufacturing to making sure that the design goes along well with the effectiveness of the shoe, a lot of people are responsible for the success of a good table tennis shoe.

This is quite apparent when we look at the company Donic, as a whole, it is not only a top-class company but they also have been consistent in their approach.

We take a look at one of their most successful shoes, the Donic Speedflex 2. It is a popular and in-demand table tennis shoe that has not only been worn by top professionals but also remains a popular choice for amateur players. What makes the Donic Speedflex 2 so popular? Let us dive right in!


Rating: 4/5
Price: $$$

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Perfect Grip

You know how vital it is to buy a couple of shoes with great grip when you play tennis table. It not only lets you land better after a strong shot but also makes sure you don’t twist your ankle.

Before purchasing a table tennis pair, you need to look at the grip feature but make sure you do not get one that offers a lot of friction, though.

If there’s too much grip, your game tends to slow down as too much friction means you will have a tough time guarding your side of the table. This is why, as Donic claims, the Speedflex 2 has the perfect amount of grip needed for table tennis.

Maximum Breathability

The outer material of the Donic Speedflex is a combination of light breathable nylon mesh and supportive soft synthetic leather trims. This is a terrific and top-of-the-line table tennis shoes from Donic. If you wear the Donic SpeedFlex 2, you can be sure of a light and breezy feeling on your feet.

This mesh material disposes off sweat rapidly and you don’t have to worry about sweating, at all. Perspiration is It’s not only bothersome, but may also pose a severe obstacle to your game, and you are prone to making serious mistakes during the rallies.

EVA Mid-Sole

The center sole consists of EVA material which is significant in absorbing the landing shock and minimizes sports damage. It is intended to reduce stress, as well. The stress on the joints due to quick movements around the table can be massively reduced.

The sole design and groove make the shoe, less slick and more resistant to wear and shock. Thanks to the EVA Midsole, the sole rubber decreases the weight of the shoes and provides softness and comfort, so that abrasion or any unintended slide can be prevented.


The upper of the Donic Speedflex 2 is made of top-quality fabric. This is an incredible move that provides the wearer with that extra bit of comfort and flexibility. The rest of the shoe is strong to compensate for the grip, etc, but the fabric also ensures comfort, at the same time.

This additional flexibility equipment also helps you mentally. People only focus on the physical part of the game but having that amount of comfort has a great effect on how you play, as you have that mental peace, too.

Retro Design

The design of the Donic Speedflex 2 is the traditional table tennis retro style. This makes it quite an impressive and attractive option for people to go for.

It is quite important to ensure that the table tennis shoes are stylish as people tend to invest in better-looking shoes as much as they want to invest in higher quality shoes.

Speedflex 2 shoes


Heavier Pair

Unlike the majority of table tennis shoes commonly used the Donic Speedflex 2 is not the lightest option around.

Table tennis shoes are known to be quite light, but perhaps the focus was on preventing injuries, so extra additions have ended up making the Speedflex a little heavier.

If you are used to wearing lightweight shoes, you might have a hard time adjusting to the weight of the Speedflex 2. This is not to say that the Speedflex 2 is very heavy, it is simply heavier amongst other table tennis shoes.

Not Affordable

While the Donic Speedflex 2 are reasonably priced, the real issue is the fact that they do not last a long time.

When you take into consideration the durability of the shoes, you realize that the shoes are quite pricey, and splashing around 60+ bucks on them, every few months does not make a lot of sense.

Not Durable

One of the major flaws in the Donic Speedflex 2 is its durability. People investing in table tennis shoes realize that they do not come cheap, so they expect these shoes to be highly durable and last the test of time.

This is not the case with the Donic Speedflex 2, as most people have complained about the pair not being durable enough.

Unlike most of the other options in the market like the ASICS and the Mizuno’s, the Donic’s only give you around a year at peak condition before you require a change.

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Our Rating: 4/5

The Donic Speedflex 2 has a lot of good things to admire. However, the price tag, we feel is towards the higher end, especially for a shoe that gives you lesser durability. Although, it is a commonly used option in table tennis and we loved playing in it.

The design of the Donic Speedflex 2 is tremendous and gives you the nostalgia of the old-school table tennis shoes. Not to mention the increased breathability and the flexibility, it comes with.


The Donic Speedflex 2 has been designed to satisfy all the requirements of a modern table tennis competition. An EVA thin center sole ensures optimum ground contact and a flexible outside sole is indispensable for fast sideways movements during tennis matches.

The external material is a combination of light respirable nylon mesh and soft synthetically supported leather trimmings that offer an outstanding value for money.

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