3-Star MAPOL 60 Count Premium Ping Pong Balls 40+ Review: Affordable

High-end, ITTF-certified ping pong balls are very expensive and you might think about using them twice for practice or training. However, you cannot use low-quality 1 or 2-star balls as they might affect performance in the long run.

Luckily, MAPOL has come up with a solution. 3-Star MAPOL 60 Premium Ping Pong Balls 40+ are low-budget ping pong balls that are ideal for practice and training, for novice players.

The size and diameter of these balls are as per the ITTF standards, so you don’t have to worry about performance. Let’s look more into what some players call a ‘staple table tennis accessory’.

MAPOL 60 Ping Pong Balls Product Specifications


Our Rating: 3.8/5.0
Price: $$$
Weight: 2.7 g
Diameter: 40.2mm
Color: Orange

Play Ratings (out of 10)

Roundness: 7
Speed: 6
Consistency: 7
Hardness: 10

Top table tennis balls - MAPOL 60 Premium table tennis balls

What to Expect?

MAPOL is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of table tennis equipment. They create quality table tennis gear including paddles and ping pong balls. We expect this product to deliver what MAPOL is known for.

Training ping pong balls must be durable, well-built, affordable, and robot-friendly. Let’s see if 3-Star MAPOL 60 balls 40+ meet or exceed expectations.


Players now prefer the new-age plastics poly balls, as celluloid ones are non-standard as per the new ITTF (International Table Tennis Foundation) regulations. Although these balls are not ITTF certified, they are made of plastic to give you that tournament feel.

3-Star MAPOL Premium Ping Pong Balls 40+ are orange-colored, vibrant enough to be easily spotted as some players complain that white balls are difficult to see. They are surprisingly light and slightly bigger in diameter.

MAPOL Premium ping pong balls - best ping pong balls


Ideal for Training

3-Star MAPOL 60 Premium Table Tennis Balls 40+ are affordable, durable, and crafted as per the ITTF regulations. Similar to the MAPOL 50 balls, they have a minimal cost associated. All these qualities make them one of the best options for training, especially if you are a beginner or an intermediate player.

Additionally, one pack has 60 pieces, which means that you are buying bulk in one go, saving you extra shipping costs, or delivery hassles. We also found these balls to be robot-friendly.

Great Bounce

With MAPOL 60, you will experience a consistent bounce at every single strike. The ball trajectory is also highly defined, allowing you to have a tournament-level experience. You can accurately predict its trajectory, giving you massive control over the game.

Durable and Well-built

Training balls must be able to withstand damage, and these do not disappoint. They are a true value for money when it comes to durability. They will last you a while even in offensive-type games, and will hardly get a dent or crack easily.

Value for Money

The MAPOL 60 3-star are a true value for money, as they are very affordable. Even though this is a training ball, it gives you great quality and performance on a budget, something rare to find. Since you can get them in a bulk, they are also a very practical option.

Money-Back Guarantee

These balls also have a 30-days money back guarantee where you get a 100% refund if you find the ball not on par with your standards of quality.

This says a lot about credibility and customer satisfaction. MAPOL seems to be confident about its product.

MAPOL 60 Premium Training Balls


NOT for Advanced Players

While MAPOL 60 Premium might promise a tournament-like feel, they aren’t exactly tournament grade. If you are a serious player, you would not find these balls helpful with training at all, as they are not certified by the ITTF.

Although they are labeled as “advanced”, they simply do not have the power, speed, and consistency of high-end ping pong balls like those by Butterfly or Nittaku.

Poor Packaging

This package contains 60 balls and you would expect that they are properly packed in a container before delivery. They will, however, come to you in a plastic bag, which might be a huge problem when it comes to storage and movement.

If you are clumsy enough, you might open up the package to find yourself surrounded by a pool of 60 orange spheres.

Dirt and Dust

Some customers have complained that the package was delivered to them with layers of dust and dirt. The balls might accumulate this dust during the manufacturing and packaging process.

It is recommended to always play with clean ping pong balls as dirt might affect the game negatively and damage the paddle or tabletop.

Inconsistent Shape

The bulk of 60 ping pong balls might seem like a good catch but not each ball promises perfect shape. We discovered that some balls in the package were egg-shaped or oval.

This might seem like an ordinary problem but shape impacts the game and the ideal roundness is required for a consistent bounce. This issue might go unnoticed by beginners, but if you are an advanced player, you might find this con very problematic.

Our Rating: 3.8/5.0

If you are looking for on-budget ping pong balls for recreational purposes, 3-Star MAPOL 60 balls are your best bet. These standard table tennis balls are designed for practice and training, ideal for beginners or intermediate players looking forward to refining their skills.

They are a great value for money, with an excellent bounce and longevity. These are best for training, as they are durable and robot-friendly. These are suitable for beginners and intermediate players only and professionals might find them slow or less consistent.

You might also have to arrange for a big container and a pre-game cleaning process before you get these balls.


You might love or hate the 3-Star MAPOL Premium Ping Pong Balls 40+ based on your expertise and level. These are perfect for training if you are a beginner but will fall short for advanced players and professionals.

Overall, they are very affordable and credible due to the money-back guarantee. If you want to get a bulk of ping pong balls for recreational purposes, with decent quality and performance, we recommend these.

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