Painted Ping Pong Tables: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Want to create a cool and vibrant atmosphere in your hallway or game room? Then painted ping pong tables can be a great way to do it. With pop colors and bright hues, not only will they spruce up your space, but will also bring fun and excitement to the atmosphere with a touch of sophistication.

In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of transforming your dull table tennis table into an aesthetically pleasing and practical addition to your room.

So, roll up your sleeves, grab your brushes, and let’s get started.

Painted ping pong tables

How to Paint a Ping Pong Table?

Painting a ping pong table can be a fun way to personalize your game room with beautiful and bright colors. Here’s a step-by-step instructions on how you can do it efficiently.

Prepare the Ping Pong Table

Firstly, you must thoroughly clean the table with soap and water and repair the damages, if any. However, make sure that you don’t soak the table in water. Using a sponge or damp cloth can be an effective way to clean the table.

Hopefully if you were using a table tennis table cover, this step won’t take long.

Once the table is dry, use sandpaper to sand the surface gently. It helps the paint to stick better and provides a smooth finish. Now, apply a thick and even primer layer to the surface and let it dry.

Apply The Paint

Once the primer surface is dried, it’s time to apply the paint. Always opt for the best paint for ping pong tables that is perfectly suitable for the surface.

Chalkboard and acrylic paints are popular and are widely used by brands. For instance, you can find it on the STIGA ping pong tables etc. Apply the paint in even coats to avoid drips, and let the paint sit for 24 hours.

Typically, two layers are enough to give you the desired results. Also, you can cover the lines and edges on the table with painter’s tape to provide neat and sharp finishing, just like professionally painted ping pong tables.

Tips for Achieving a Smooth, Even Finish

  • Use a high-quality roller or paintbrush to avoid leaving brush marks or streaks.
  • Always apply a coat of primer before painting the surface.
  • Apply the paint in thin, even coats. A paint sprayer is also an ideal option to create thin layers and a smooth finish without leaving any brush marks.
  • Let each coat dry before applying the next one.
  • Lightly sand the surface between coats to eliminate any irregularities and create a smooth finish.
  • Make sure you use the best paints for ping pong tables to bring quality results.
best paint for ping pong tables

What is the Best Paint for Ping Pong Tables?

When choosing the best paint for ping pong tables, there are various factors you need to consider, including paint type and its qualities. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Acrylic Paint

It is a water-based paint that gets dry quickly. It is non-toxic and a breeze to clean with soap and water. However, it is not as durable and tough as other paints, and you might need to reapply it frequently.

Enamel Paint

It is oil-based paint that tends to produce a durable finish and can resist scratches making it an ideal choice for outdoor tables. Moreover, enamel is waterproof and can be easily cleaned with solvents.

Epoxy Paint

It is a two-component paint that tends to produce a tough, smooth, and glossy finish resistant to stains, chips, and scratches. The paint is chemical resistant and waterproof, which makes it a go-to choice for industrial applications.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Paint

When looking for an appropriate paint for your ping pong table, it is essential to consider several factors to make the right choice other than the type of table tennis table you have. These factors may include:

Toxicity: The paint should have a low level of volatile organic compounds.
Durability: It should be long-lasting and able to withstand wear and tear.
Clean up: The table should be easy to clean up.
Ease of application: Look for paints that don’t require much preparation before applying. So, even as an amateur, you can paint your table like a pro.

You can also consider the paints specifically manufactured for use on robust surfaces such as wood and metal. It will help you to produce better adhesion and the finest finishing.

painted table tennis tables

What do you Seal Ping Pong Tables With?

Sealing painted ping pong tables are essential to protect the paint from fading, wear and tear and water damage and keep the paint running for a long time.

Types of Sealant

There are various types of sealants, such as varnish, polyurethane, and epoxy, that you can use for your table tennis tables.

  • Polyurethane is easy to apply and provides durable and fine finishing.
  • A varnish is also a suitable option based on protection; however, it can impart a slight amber touch to the surface.
  • Epoxy is quite tough to apply; however, it provides top-tier, durable, and glossy touch to the surface.

Steps for Applying the Sealant

  • The first step is to ensure that the surface is clean and dry.
  • Now with the help of a high-quality brush or roller, apply the sealant in thin, even coats.
  • Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for reapplication and drying time.
  • You can also sand the surface between coats to attain a smooth finish.

What is the Best Color for a Ping Pong Table?

The best color for a table tennis table depends on several factors, including how the paint color will affect the gameplay, your personal preferences, and some practical considerations.

Different colors have the potential to alter your energy and affect the ball’s visibility. It is because the ping pong ball contrasts differently with each color, which can influence the player’s performance.

Some of the most popular paint colors include green – mostly used in professional tournaments and believed to provide the best contrast with the white ball, making it easier to track during the gameplay.

Blue is also a popular color for ping pong tables, that provides a unique and sophisticated look to the table and its surroundings. On the other hand, the white color imparts a clean and classy look to your table.

Can You Spray Paint a Ping Pong Table?

Yes, you can spray paint a ping pong table. Spray painting is best for producing a smooth, even finish with less effort and time than other methods. However, it can be difficult to handle and require skilled hands and more preparation to avoid inconveniences such as over-spraying.

best paint for table tennis tables

Instructions for Spray Painting a Ping Pong Table

  • Start spray painting ping pong tables by thoroughly cleaning and sanding the surface to ensure better adhesion.
  • Apply primer to create a lustrous surface and set the paint firmly.
  • Spray the paint evenly all over the surface.
  • Let each layer dry completely before applying the next one.

In order to obtain quality results, make sure to choose high-quality paints that best fit your requirements.

Make sure to choose an appropriate spray nozzle and can size. Additionally, ensure you work in a well-ventilated environment while wearing safety equipment such as goggles and respiratory masks. They will protect you from inhalation of paint fumes and overspray.

Can You Repaint a Ping Pong Table?

Yes, you can repaint a ping pong table. One of the main reasons behind repainting can be chipping and damaging of the previous color, or maybe you are fed up with your table’s old, dull color and want some change.

Steps For Repainting a Table Tennis Table

  • Start by sanding the previous surface of the table to create a smooth surface for the new paint to sit perfectly
  • Clean the surface thoroughly to eliminate any dust or debris
  • Now you can apply a new coat of paint using spray, brush, or roller

One of the most common difficulties you might face while repainting a table is achieving a smooth and sleek finish without leaving any brush marks. Additionally, securing new paint firmly to the old one may also give you a tough time.

However, with the appropriate tools and techniques, you can overcome these complications efficiently.


Wrapping up, painted ping pong tables are a unique way to extend their life span and transform their appearance. With proper attention, the right materials, and complete preparation, you can attain a top-notch finish to make your table a bold statement that stands out.

However, make sure that you consider all the essential factors in achieving the best results. With the right techniques and tools, your table will surely provide you with hours of fun for years to come.

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