STIGA Advantage Pro Review: Top Table

The STIGA Advantage Pro is the ideal pingpong table for anyone who does not want to spend very big on a tournament quality indoor table but also wants a quality indoor table tennis for professional usage. Forget design, this is the perfect beginner table that offers maximum level of practicality and makes for an effective purchase at the price that it comes.

This is a highly recommended purchase and it has the approval of thousands of other customers, to back up our word, that are super satisfied with their STIGA Advantage Pro.

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STIGA Advantage Pro Table Specifications

Rating: 4.8/5

  • Price: $$$
  • Size: Regulation size (9 feet x 5 feet)
  • Assembly Time: 10 minutes
  • Weight: 211 lbs / 95 kgs
  • Table Top Thickness: 19mm

What to Expect

We will share our experience of using the regulation size STIGA Advantage Pro, especially, with most of the important takeaways that we found while using it. If you were to buy the STIGA Advantage Pro, you can expect:

Strong Playback

For quality playability in playback mode, this tournament quality indoor table tennis table might just be the ideal piece.

The top class feature of STIGA Advantage table includes excellent playability with the surface equipped with multiple roller coat finish and silk screen striping can be set up in a way that caters to professional level play for you even if you do not have friends over, or just want to practice on your own.

All you have to do is, fold up one side of the ping pong table in an upright position, and it will act as a rebound wall and you can use this feature to hone your skills

Simple (but Weighty) Assembly

We love how easy it is to assemble the STIGA Advantage Pro. However, not everything is ideal in the assembly of the table tennis table. For one, it is very heavy, weighing almost 100 Kgs, you need another person initially to move it to your game room, but setting it up is fairly easy.

Despite the strong frame, and the quick and easy set up, it takes up less space as compared to other tennis tables when in storage position. With the storage dimensions of around 28″L x 60″W x 64″H, it is an exceptional asset for any office space and game room.

how to assemble stiga advantage pro table

Consistent Bounce

The bounce of this competition ready STIGA advantage table tennis table surprised us by far, the most. 19mm thick table top with multiple roller coat finish and silk screen striping is more than decent for amateur usage, it is what pros use, as well. Its independent chassis design makes for the perfect advantage pro table halves, especially because of the price and the bounce that it ensures.

Maximum Durability

If you invest in the STIGA Advantage Pro, you can be sure that this tournament quality indoor table tennis table is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

It has a multiple roller coat finish and silk screen striping that imparts incredible durability to the table. Moreover, it comes with a clamp style net and post set that includes tension and height adjustments and allows you to easily attach and remove it in a simple squeeze. Moreover, it comes with a strong frame, the engineering done by STIGA has been top-notch and this is a perfect beginner table tennis table for the ages. Your kids will grow up playing on this!

Bright Color

The STIGA Advantage Pro has a dark blue color that tends to stand out in your game room.

This competition ready table tennis table is bright and does not cause any kind of contrast with the ping pong balls. In addition to being a good purchase, it also passes the eye test as it looks like the traditional table tennis table made from regulation material and colors.


Swift Set-up

A pro-quality indoor table tennis model, the Stiga Advantage Pro table comes with all the features that a hardcore tournament player might be looking for. The best quality of this massive table is that it won’t take you long to put together its pieces including net and post set. The swift set-up of this tournament quality indoor table tennis table allows you to put its pieces together in hardly ten minutes.

Easily Movable

When looking for a top-notch tournament quality indoor table tennis table, an important feature you all need to keep in mind is if it’s easy to store and effortlessly roll when needed.

The convenience of the STIGA Advantage Pro table is that it is equipped with eight 4″ thick premium lockable casters for convenient storage making it to effortlessly roll and transport table halves. Once it is in position, you can make use of its premium lockable casters to lock the wheels to ensure safety, making it an exceptional asset to any game room and office space.

Easy to fold

Another great feature the STIGA Advantage Pro table has to offer is its quality to fold away backed up by professional level clamp style net and post set that includes tension and height adjustments and allows you to easily attach and remove net from the table in a simple squeeze. Thanks to its independent chassis design integrated with silk screen striping, it provides fantastic value to its players.

Stiga Advantage Pro easily splits into two completely separate table halves when it is not needed making storing extremely easy. It is an important feature when considering safety and ease of use as the legs of the table tennis automatically deploy back once you unfold it. Not to mention that it takes up less space, too with having the storage dimensions of around 28″L x 60″W x 64″H.

fixing stiga advantage table

Playback Position

Due to its quality of splitting into two halves, the competition ready Stiga Advantage table tennis table caters to excellent playability in a single player practice by enabling you to turn one half of the table into a rebound wall. The playback mode caters to professional level play.

Professional Level Net and Post set

A professional-spec heavyweight clamp tournament grade net and post set is all you need to have with your Advantage Pro table. In this amount, this professional level Stiga Advantage Pro Table offers you great tournament quality indoor table net and post set.

Satisfactory Reviews

Due to its pro-quality playing surface backed up by multiple roller coat finish and silk screen striping integrated with stellar net and post set, the Stiga Advantage Table includes a lot of things in one. This is the reason why this professional level indoor table tennis table is liked by many people all around the world, with its excellent playability, durability, exceptional bounce, quick and easy setup and convenient storage.

STIGA Advantage Pro Table


Big Budget

STIGA Advantage Pro comes with so many reasons to buy that it becomes fairly expensive. That is the one of the biggest drawbacks of this professional level table.

Really (!!) Heavy

The Stiga advantage tournament quality indoor table tennis table is also quite heavy and if not for its 4” lockable wheels, it would have been a nightmare for portability and convenient storage. If you are looking for a light weight professional level table tennis table, it might not be a perfect match for you.

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Purely because STIGA Advantage Pro justifies the price tag and perhaps should cost more than it does, the bounce is highly consistent and offers excellent playability; the table is sturdy enough with a multiple roller coat finish and silk-screen striping that provides you with smooth gameplay for a long time. Its assembly barely takes 10 minutes.

Thanks to its professional-level lockable wheels, the table rolls effortlessly. Not to mention how well it plays and the high-quality playability of the premium clipper net and post set that easily assembles. It is a marvelous tournament-quality indoor table tennis table for the ages, and we love it!

Keep in Mind

Do remember that the STIGA Advantage series has three tables, all of the regulation size. They are as following:

indoor stiga advantage pro

1) STIGA Advantage Lite Recreational Indoor

This is the cheapest and the lowest quality indoor table tennis of ping pong tables in the STIGA Advantage series designed specifically for casual gameplay. It has a very thin table top that is certainly not ideal for serious playing. The ping pong table is still a sturdy and decent option for recreational usage, as it was intended.

2) STIGA Advantage Competition Ready

This is the ideal professional level product for amateur and serious players. It has a 16mm thick table top, and a very decent frame. It is light weight as compared to the Pro but it still is heavier as compared to other table halves that have similar qualities.

3) STIGA Advantage Pro Tournament-Quality

This is the top-end professional level product of the Advantage series and is an excellent option for a tournament player who wants to level up the competition. The Pro is the tournament quality indoor table tennis table we are reviewing and it is an elite product with 19mm thick table top, 4″lockable casters for convenient storage, frame with understudy, and a premium net and post set that will outlive you, possibly.

It also is the most expensive among the three tables designed specifically for professional level gameplay and it is expensive because of the right reasons, as we have discussed here.


How to assemble a STIGA Advantage Pro ping pong table?

Assembling the Advantage lite is fairly easy, as it comes 95% preassembled in the box. This tournament quality indoor table tennis table comes in two completely separate table halves, which are to be assembled individually. Once they are assembled, they are easy to effortlessly roll and transport table halves making the storing extremely easy. The folding and unfolding of the ping pong table are a one-man job and the clamp style net and post set is easy to strap on.

How much does the STIGA Advantage Pro Table Tennis Table weigh?

The STIGA Advantage Pro table is quite heavy. As it has a strong frame and tough understudy, it is hardly a surprise that the table weighs 211lbs or 95 Kgs.

What is the difference between the STIGA Advantage Pro and the STIGA Triumph table?

The STIGA Advantage Pro is the better option when compared to the STIGA Triumph table. This is due to several things, including the Stiga Advantage table tennis table’s 19mm thick table top for the Advantage Pro and barely 16mm for the STIGA Triumph.

The STIGA Triumph also requires more time to set up when compares to the Original Advantage Pro, however, the Triumph is the cheaper option, as well.

STIGA Advantage Pro versus the ST3100

The ST3100 is one of the best products of STIGA. This indoor table tennis table is a well-engineered product and comes with thick premium lockable casters for convenient storage allowing it to effortlessly roll making transporting table halves a breeze; however, setting it up can be a nightmare.

There is not much difference in how the ping pong tables play out, as both ping pong tables have the same amount of table thickness, but in some cases the Advantage Pro fares better, for example the ease with which the clamp style net assembles. As compared to the ST3100, the Advantage Pro has a more professional look, too.


There is no doubt that the STIGA Advantage Pro is a top-tournament quality indoor table tennis table which is not only to set-up but also one you will not need to upgrade on, for a long, long time! The premium lockable casters for convenient storage are 4 inches thick, which means that the table can rolls effortlessly around the house with ease and comes with great portability making transporting table halves easier than ever.

The only problem we see in this tournament quality indoor table tennis table is how heavy it is, but the playback experience along with top tier net and post set has convinced us that you only need to set it up once and enjoy until you have friends over, who can help you in setting it up for an evening full of ping pong fun!

Compare the Advantage Pro against other STIGA tables to see how it stacks up.

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